Friday, November 8, 2013

Back in August, yes, THREE months back (feeling bumped),
I went diving with Viennie and Chriz at our very own beautiful island in Malaysia - Redang Island.

This place is popularized by our local movie few years back - Mo Mo Tea.

This time around we stayed at Redang Pelangi - nothing beats a view facing the beach,
and to not worry about food coz they provide 5 meals a day!

I'm not going into details about the place nor diving, but generally
we dived at Black Coral Garden, Tanjung Tokong, Che Isa and Batu Cina Terjun.

I remembered having problem equalizing my ear during one of my dive and thus kept floating up.
It was painful and I freaked out for still bearing the pain for the next few days!
A note to myself "Descend slowly... and improve your buoyancy!"

Saw baby sharks during shore dives, was introduced to many common things underwater
that I have no idea about, like nudibranch, flathead crocodile fish, banded cleaner shrimp,
cushion starfish, leopard sea cucumber, school of yellowtail snapper,
and clownfish (Nemo) hiding in a bright blue anemone!

Yes, the usual thingy underwater amuses me.
I'm still new here, remember?

joyce yap dive

joyce yap dive

This trip is not merely about diving, but for fun and some booze!
You may have remembered my World Best Instructor, Eric Liow 
he was teaching one of my friend during my trip to Redang,
and oh boy, such fun nights we had!

He made us some Long Island cocktails, and playing 007 games with these booze,
do make us a reckless diver (at night), we are all fine in the morning! :P

eric liow dive instructor

Redang was kind of like my "practice trip" coz I'm preparing myself for Sipadan.
Photos up soon... stay tuned!

As for now... feed on this! :)
Photo by one of the DM in Redang...

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