Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ohh ma gawwddd!!! I'm just too oblivious of my own stuff until I've forgotten to renew my driving license.

I've been driving with an expired license for the past SIX MONTHS! ...and this bad ass has been really lucky to be above the law without getting caught!

Still shocked and in disbelief thinking that I drove so selamba with this license since January!


I have gotten a 5-years renewal (RM30 p/year) and have learnt that the new policy is that the license will expire on the driver's date of birth. So there's no excuse to forget to renew your license fellas.. unless u forgotten your own birthday! :P

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

 Wednesday stress buster !!!

funny pet
Now open up your eyes! SURPRISE!!! IT'S NOTHING!!!
funny pet
It's a little messy there. SLURPPPP... done!

scared cat
I think I got carried away.. sorry Tutu!
funny cat
..and I'm good at it!
cat tease
cat scared funny
Oh no not again! The monthly shower!!!!!
funny cat
Showing the Puss In Boots heart melting eye.. it works?
dog cute funny
I'm a gentleman!!!

funny cat box
U better remember who give u this punch! HUAK!!!

funny mad dog
Where did u hide my toy bone?? GGRRRRR....!!!!
funny pet
Oh plz don't go.. I beg u.. I'm gonna tail u...

funny dog
Holy Gramdma!!!
funny pet move it move it
The Madagascar behind scene..

The most funny photo of all! Look at that dog's face!!!

funny pet

Do u have those days when you feel like your mind wanders around, you couldn't think straight and worse still, your body is so weak and strengthless.

The above situation is OKAY to happen when it's a weekend and you're resting at home. But if it happens when you're working, it's gonna make you miserable for not having the cooperation of your mind and body at work.

Can't believe still that it happens due to.. I believe... excessive exercise?

Few months back I've started exercising every week - at least twice a week in either badminton or gym. Aside from being an attempt to lose some weight, firm up muscle, I wanted this to be the first step to start investing on a healthy body.

Initially when I told my friends that I'm gonna do it for long term, I do get alot of negative response like "I'm gonna see how long it last".. "Hangat-hangat tahi ayam ah!"..  and some bad arse even said to me "I bet it not gonna last for a month!".

But guess what, it has been almost half a year!

Instead of my plan in shedding some weight, I actually gained 3kgs! Du-fuk?!!!!

On the brighter side, since all my clothing still fitted nicely, I guess it's the muscle weight? Trying to console myself that I've managed to tone up my body a little bit.

And after ever exercise session, when all the sweat came out like crazy, my body feel lighter and I'm emotionally and mentally happy for doing something good for myself. I felt.. generally... contented!!!

But when the next day comes, especially after badminton, I felt like my whole body is gonna wreck!

I'm feeling it now.. as if I've given all out yesterday with no single strain of energy left in my body to keep it functioning.

Oh damn I just feel so tired and all the energy drained out of me. It was worst last week after badminton!

I'm supposed to be used to it, but why can't I still get the stamina I need to keep going?

I need my dear consultant E.T right here right now!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some thoughts I have before heading to bed..

Always be grateful of what we have no matter what is it. Think of glass as half full instead of half empty and then learn to appreciate what is in the glass.

I looked into the mirror n found that I've aged. But still, I might look into the mirror 5 years later n would rather see what I see today.

So I told myself not to take advantage of what I have now.

~ My youth.. (30 still not that old lah).

~ My beauty.. Aiseh.. This apply for everyone k.. Everyone look their best when they are young! ....except for Sean Connery!

~ My health.. It may not always be in good condition but I'm walking, eating n sleeping well. This I will not take advantage or abuse coz we must know that no dream is possible without good health. Behind the struggle for abundance of wealth, a series of holiday plan, promises to care for your loved ones - all these needed good health to make it happen.

~ My parents and every single minute I have with them. It is true that the older we gets, the more we appreciate our parents. Nobody in this while world could love us as much as our parents do. Not even our bf, husband or children. They are getting older and the only thing they want from us is our time. I treasure them now more than ever!

~ My family. They are a must in my life. We are a full set of jigsaw puzzle. We may have our own shape n character, but when we are together, the world seems perfect! Few pieces of the puzzle have gone missing n there will be more missing pieces soon. Still I'm glad that they have migrated to Australia to lead a better life.

~ My friends. Although some may be a pain on my ass, some irritating, some sarcastic, some hated my guts, but they all loves me alot! These bunch of people is what keeping me sane. I treasure them as someone who still stick in my life now coz things may be different once they have family of their own.

~ My dumb luck that came rolling unexpectedly. Often as I may dwell about unpleasant incidents, I can't deny that God is looking after me.

~ My financial freedom. Free to spend n shop with and for my parents without need the think twice. Wait til I have my own family.. The only word coming out from my mouth will be "this month very tight ah".

With all these good thoughts in mind, I'm ready to go to bed in peace n serenity.

Setia City Mall (SCM) is currently my favourite mall as it is located less than 20 minutes from my house. The list of tenants have also been carefully picked n invited by SCM management. Brands such as Uniqlo, Tony Romas, Gong Cha, Tong Pak Fu and many more were rarely seen in Klang. So I'm really glad to see all my favourite F&B outlet here.

Only one more outlet missing to make SCM perfect. That is Gelare. This Australia outlet is famous for their ice cream n belgium waffles. They serve the BEST WAFFLES I have ever tasted! And currently there is only ONE Gelare outlet here in the whole Malaysia, and its located at e@curve. I've been there several times, make my way from Klang to Damansara just to savour the taste of crunchy n delicious waffle. Oh yum yum...

Freshly baked Belgium waffle with ice cream and additional maple syrup (by request). This by far is my favourite waffle since I first tasted it at Australia till today.

Chocolate chips waffle with ice cream.. yummm..

Back to SCM, it has been operating since 17th May and I've been there almost everyday - this is crazy I know!!!

 The grand opening will be on the 23rd June 2012, and one of the famous band in our 90s Michael Learns To Rock is invited to hold a concert inconjunction with the opening! Paint my love.. U should paint my love...

Michael Learns To Rock concertIn order to get seating n standing tickets to the concert, we would have to spend RM150 to get 2 tickets.

Look at how many tickets I have n multiply it with RM150 to know how much I have spent in this new mall.

Mr & Mrs. Yap looking so happy!!!
Mum n dad also happens to be the very first person to queue for the tickets redemption - there was a super long queue behind them on that ticket redemption morning! One of the 'gwai lo' management staff praised them for being an early bird and took picture of them. The next thing we know, my niece informed me that their photo was published in The Sun newspaper. Look at their happy faces.. weeee~~
Looking forward to see Michael Learns To Rock in action this coming Saturday. First family concert! Yippiee!!!

mltr concert 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm almost near to completing my wish list!!!

wishlist 2008 and wishlist 2011 I am really glad I have this motivation to keep me going!


Can't believe I've spend a total of RM700 for watches! TWO watch in the weekend?!! 

Now tell me that my BONIA watch is a true beauty of elegance! Well I did thought so.. that's what tempted me to buy it although it's freaking expensive! While the sporty pink Philippe Renault is on sale! Such a worthy purchase.

Room Enhancement - CHECKED!!!

 Gotten the mosquito net and blind from IKEA and voila.. my room is now a princess chamber!
I'm loving my room now and sleeping piggier than ever! (is there such word as "piggier"???)

Mum added some angel lights on the net and it looked PURRFECT!!!

This blind cost me RM200 each! And I bought two sets for both my window panels. IKEA is killing me with their ideas and prices!!!

I just love to improvise things! This was supposed to be a table lamp but I made it my glowing vase. Both lamp and flowers are from IKEA while the little bee is from my Star Cruises time where I'm literally called the Little Bee coz I was the youngest there. Ahh... memories~~~ 

And yes, it feels like home having my ABC in my room. Accompanied by my collection of mini soft drink bottle and cans from UAE and the Spartan statue from Athens.

It really does feel like home - and I feel great being my very own Interior Designer for my room! :P

New phone - CHECKED!!!

Finally gotten Samsung Galaxy S2 but regretted it a little bit coz it hangs on me very frequently! Not to mention it heated up very easily too! But it is a better choice compared to iPhone coz I always finds Apple product to be very "kiam siap" in terms of sharing / using certain apps. 

 What's missing now the the ASUS Transformer - which I doubt in getting one now as I'm too busy to get online nowadays!

And of coz.. getting a puppy is a tough one though! Will work on that...

Aside from getting what my heart desires, I felt the sense of accomplishment that I managed to get / do the things I want! At times I do feel guilty for spending money, and prolly appears irresponsible financially. But deep inside I know I can only do these while I'm still young. There will not be such financial freedom when I have bigger commitments in life.

Spending too much nowadays giving in to my needs. Time to ikat perut n save money! Gotta make sure that I have no more wishlist for the present moment...

Goodnight peeps... heading to my princess chamber.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today, maybe I have a bad day that I'm unhappy with. Probably I would feel like the whole world is against me, blaming on bad luck, and probably accuse that God did not listen to my prayers.

But today, maybe it is a bad day for someone else too. Probably that someone was fired by his company after working there for 10years.

And today, maybe it is a worse day for another person. He may fell sick and ended up fainted somewhere which may left him at the hands of stangers which may be harmful or if he's lucky, helpful.

Or worst, somebody may lost someone dear to him and having to lead his life all by himself.

Bottom line is, whenever I have a problem now, I may want to think that maybe some else's problem is larger than my little peanut issue.

Oh well, MAYBE.

Cheers to a good weekend ahead!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Am feeling super lazy and sleepy today that I whine the entire Monday away..

Seriously.. who like Mondays?

I know Garfield doesn't...

Neither do I ... !!!

Hoping Tuesday will be a more interesting day for Garfield & me!!! ;)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Buzz buzz buzzzzzz....

Sounded like this page is getting rusty eh!!!

The whole blogspot homepage has been revamped into something strange to me! Where's the new post button?!! Where's the link button?!!! DARN!!!

Oh gawd.. where was I for the past few months?!! Was so tied up to where life is taking me until I have forgotten the need to rant, share and voice out my excitement, sadness, sorrows, happiness blah blahhhh..

I should start back blogging coz that's the main purpose of creating an online diary at the very first place - to act as a reminder!

For the past few months, my loved ones surrounding me have been casually brought up things that have happened in the past and I was like "Ohh.. did I? Really? That happened?!! Sure??? I don't remember you brought me there....". When different people bring up different issues which I totally have NO IDEA about, it makes me feel like I have amnesia or something! I felt really bad to them coz it's as if it doesn't matter to me and that little piece of memory does not deserved to be parked into my mind! I really felt as if I have a memory of an 90 years old woman!!!

There is no vitamins or whatsoever that could improve my memory - I REALIZED THIS YEARS BACK AND THAT'S WHY I STARTED BLOGGING!!!

I seriously need to get back to this blogging business!

Today I vow to do it, tomorrow I'll start with my very first blog after so long k?

Stay tuned.... woo-hoooo!!!