Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The wish list I have posted previously is not a form of hint for my birthday present.

I do not have any intention to hint anyone about my birthday gift. That wish list is a form of target for me to achieve certain things myself that brings me self satisfaction.

Some people said just by thinking, it is not enough to push one self. By writing it out and declaring it, you will give yourself pressure to make it happen! If it doesn't, then malu-lahhhh.... So I will fulfill my own wish list, it is just a matter of time. :)

So my dear reader... please do not buy me anything from my wish list thinking it is a hint for my birthday present, BECAUSE IT IS NOT!! :)

It merely serve as a reminder and motivation for me to buy it myself as YEAR END BONUS IS COMING!!! Haaaaapiiieeee!!! ;)

And if you are thoughtful enough to buy me a birthday present, please be creative and think out of the list! Do not spoil my self-motivational plan! Hahahahaaa~

K thx bye! ;)