Monday, November 7, 2011

One Day 2 we spent one of the most enjoyable day in Vietnam - Halong Bay. We took a 4 hours boat trip and were on a private cruise on a huge boat!!!

One of the most amazing view is when all the boats are heading to the same direction - on a small strait in between mountains on both sides. At that point of time it reminded me of some Chinese war scene whereby all the battle ships are heading to the same direction preparing for war! Hilarious at the same time..

We stopped at a floating fishing village and there I realized that the seafood size is alot bigger than those in Malaysia! ...or Maybe I haven't seen live seafood in Malaysia. SWT~~

One of the itinerary in Halong Bay is to visist the multi-shaped rocks along Halong Bay, and caves and grottoes (I have no idea what that means).

Had another delicious meal on the boat. We had 3 seafood meals continuously and I was already "jelak" of seafood that time. But nevertheless all four of us enjoyed the meal accompanied with the sea breeze. My holiday partners have all agreed that this is the best meal in the entire trip! :)

I kinda wish the cruise would last a little longer. Love to be relaxed in such a way... in the middle of the sea, enjoy the breeze and smell of pure fresh air. Aaahhh... I miss Halong Bay!

Immediately when we were dropped off at Halong boat jetty, we once again boarded the van for another 4 hours journey back to Hanoi! This trip is okay but we spent too much time on the road which is exhausting for our poor flat arses and simply waste of time.

We made a pit-stop at another factory where we get to see people doing statues, painting, etc and I realized we Malaysians (local people) wouldn't have the skill to do all that!

Look at the photo above. Can you figure out how they keep back all their goods when closing shops?

Arrived at Hanoi, took a fast shower at a small hotel then proceed to dinner. Seemed like all we did in the trip is on the road-eat-on the road-eat.

We then are sent to the train station for a 8-hours journey to Lao Cai - Sapa. Told ya about the time we spent on road - waste of time! Ish!!!

All four of us cramp in a small soft-sleeper cabin in TSC Vietnam Train. It has 2 double deckers and a small table. Not spacious but cozy enough for us who know each other to cramp in such space. Would feel awkward though to be sharing with strangers. Hehe..

End of day 2! --> Bravo Joyce! U made it to Day 2!!! 3 more blogs to go!!! ;)


SS said...

Agree! Halong Bay is very very nice place!! :p
And the white hat look wonderful, I like it! ;-)