Monday, November 21, 2011

What's the best movie have you watched recently?

Share with me coz I'm definitely gonna download it (wooppss.. sorry for not supporting ori).

The most recent movie I watched is Real Steel staring Hugh Jackman. Love this guy ever since X-Men where he acted as Wolverine! Grrrr!!!!

Back to Real Steel, I believe everyone should watch it, at least once! I have seen it twice! And still looking for seeders to download a watchable version.

This movie contains every aspect of a good movie ; action, comedy, love, romance, and science fiction! We had a great laugh, and we too enjoyed all the action aspect of it!

And I really love the scene where Atom fight Zeus with Hugh Jackman shadow boxing against Zeus!!! That is the climax of the entire movie!!! But the only version I can find is cam version from YouTube. Not bad though...

Aside from Real Steel, I watched RED 2010 (Retired, Extremely Dangerous). This is also one of the movie that contains alot of action and humor aspect at the same time.

One of the scene that made me laugh my socks off is this! Muahahaaaa.... "old man my ass!!!"

Looking forward to more movies such as these... gettin' moviefrenzzyyy!!!