Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ouch! Can't believe it is approaching the mid month of December and I have not blogged about anything!

Guess I was busy... busy falling sick!!!

Hell yeah I was having all sorts of sickness. From gastric to sorethroat and fever that continues for 4-days, then was having nausea and vomiting. Feeling dizzy for the rest of the week and ended up with 2.5days of MC because I went to the office in the morning with my SUPERHERO mode, and felt like a loser when fever strikes then gave up and went back home to doze off like a pig.

And look at the bruises I got from an unsuccessful attempt of blood test. Doctor could not get any blood from the vein on my right wrist, and it ended up with bruises.

Look at my right wrist with the green patch. That was 4 days after the blood test.

And this is what happened 6 days after the blood test.

Seriously, I kinda doubt the doctor's profession and capability. First, she prescribed me 6 antibiotic per day, which is not useful at all as I continue to have sore throat and fever for 3-days after taking her med.

I brought the antibiotics to a new doctor who have no clue what the previous doctor prescribed me, and was UTTERLY SHOCKED to know what I had 12 antibiotics in 2 days time! And finally found out that the antibiotic is sulfur based and somehow not effective to cure me! WTF*CK!!!!

And next, she cause me this bruises that lasted for a week now!

I'm having phobia of blood taking already. It ended up badly everytime! When will I finally find a doctor who are capable to do a proper blood test on me??!!!

Am so not going back to that doc!!!!

After having so many days of fever and other sickness, my eyes was so pain that I was walking and working with my eyes half opened! Did some reading online and encountered some people having the same problem too. And we are specially sensitive to lights during that time. It was probably due to the prolonged fever. But I immediately felt relieved after using cucumber slices to cover my eyes and rest it for a few minutes. Worked like a miracle!

I have so much to share.. but till I have the mood and energy to blog again, ADIOS! :)