Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crab lovers!

(alarm blasting like crazy!)

If you have not try out this place, 
you're missing one of the best seafood goodness!

I never knew the existence of this place which is only 20-minutes away
from my house until my cousin from P.J introduced it to me! (ironically)

I have been there for numerous occasions and had tried different dishes.
Verdict as below... 

Kali Little is well-known for their "pok chim" - grilled crabs.

And why is it popular?
Imagine crab's pincers as big as your palm! 
Not only the size awe you, but the full firm succulent juicy flesh inside!
The way they grilled the crab helps to preserve the aroma,
and is enhanced with little seasoning, and a little too much of salt.

When you are there, try to ask them to be gentle on the salt will ya?

klang seafood
A little pricey, but every penny is worth paying for! 

klang seafood

klang seafood
One big and definitely satisfying grilled crab pincer! 

Steam fish is one of the must-have dish at this restaurant.
The fish served here is fresh and steamed in a simple home-made recipe,
is enough to keep us smiling away.

klang seafood

I have tried sizzling prawns and "siong tong prawns", 
and I would say that the sizzling one is whole lot better!

Fear not as it wasn't the freshness that turns me off, but it's the
soup that is filled with prawns taste that I'm not fond of. Taste a little "fishy".

The sizzling one on the other hand, is sweet and a little spicy.
Just nice to go with white rice.

klang seafood

Although this "siong tong fish" is recommended as 
one of the popular dish, I didn't like it that much. 

Big pieces of eel is cooked in a salty soup base, that tasted nice and appetizing at first, 
but to have a few more spoonful of it give me the "jelak" feeling.
Furthermore, there are 4 or 5 big pieces of eel to finish - that's alot!

You may try this dish, but try to pick other fish as eel may not go very well here.

klang seafood

The next dish is what made me excited everytime I dine here!
"Siong tong lala" is hot, spicy, flavorful, and every lala is big and juicy!

Made us sweat but definitely wanting more! 
klang seafood

Fried pork with "fu yu" sauce.
Simple dish which is aromatic, but I think I would want to stick to the seafood line.

klang seafood

Claypot tofu with egg. A dish that we can get anywhere else, 
but I love the amount of egg in this plate, topped with minced meat, 
I finished my bowl of rice!

klang seafood

Remember your vegetables!
This restaurant can't go wrong with a simple plate of garlic stir potato leaves.

klang seafood

"Lexie was here"

klang seafood

This place is a must-visit for seafood lovers!

Address :
89, Jalan 2, Pandamaran Jaya, 42000 Port Klang

GPS Coordinate :
N3.010841, E101.424494

Contact number :
012-271 4444

Business hours :
From 6.00pm to 1.00am daily (closed on Monday)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Been ages since I updated my blog!!!

Best part about moving on is when you realized what you felt, said, did, and wrote, sounds like a complete embarrassment to yourself

So yes, I've deleted some blogpost, and I am glad I would not want to see it anymore. 

Been busy with dance rehearsal, my mission to save a stray cat I call Boboi, coping with my never-ending workloads, and my obsession with sports, marathon and recently, bootcamp with Coach Esvaran at CosmicFit! 

Dance performance is in two days time, I'll be posting some photos for sure!

Wanted to post recent photo of myself, and then I realized I have not been taking selfie for a long time. Scroll thru old photos in Camera Gallery and saw some selfie of me looked retarded, vain, emo, fake, and mostly, si-beh-hiau ones.

"SWT" alot while doing this selfie compilation.

This is the most DECENT photo taken of me - no selfie, no hiau.

Till the next blog (... I have alot of unfinished food-blog to be written!), goodnite ya'all!