Friday, April 18, 2014

Been ages since I updated my blog!!!

Best part about moving on is when you realized what you felt, said, did, and wrote, sounds like a complete embarrassment to yourself

So yes, I've deleted some blogpost, and I am glad I would not want to see it anymore. 

Been busy with dance rehearsal, my mission to save a stray cat I call Boboi, coping with my never-ending workloads, and my obsession with sports, marathon and recently, bootcamp with Coach Esvaran at CosmicFit! 

Dance performance is in two days time, I'll be posting some photos for sure!

Wanted to post recent photo of myself, and then I realized I have not been taking selfie for a long time. Scroll thru old photos in Camera Gallery and saw some selfie of me looked retarded, vain, emo, fake, and mostly, si-beh-hiau ones.

"SWT" alot while doing this selfie compilation.

This is the most DECENT photo taken of me - no selfie, no hiau.

Till the next blog (... I have alot of unfinished food-blog to be written!), goodnite ya'all!