Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I've heard people complain that when they reach certain age, their weight hike up like nobody business!

Being 31 this year, I never expected that it would happen to me.

I can't find enough courage to step on the weighing scale, but the weight gain is pretty obvious from photos taken of me, and how certain clothing doesn't fit nicely anymore, and yeah, when people hit me with real honest comments like "Eh.. u gain weight ady leh...!!!".

Being a petite lady with not more than 45kg of body weight all my life, I can't imagine myself being FAT! It would be like a disaster... end of the world!

I woke up from my nap after having nightmares being at 54kg, and I rushed to my wardrobe looking for my dive suit, thinking, worrying "WILL THIS STILL FIT ME?!!" Ahhh.... f*ck if it wouldn't.

Resolution is out, but why is it so darn hard to lose an inch?!!


ongzi said...

blame the food

JyhSeng Ong said...

an inch gained is an inch keep.
it is mision:impossible? to take back the lost-inch

guard your inch with your mouth shut.... hehe

Joyce Yap said...

Ongzi ahhh... you know I can't resist food! But I'm putting so much effort in workig out. Come find me.. i'll show you... hahahahaa