Monday, February 24, 2014

One of my requirement of a good buffet is when we get to order from the menu!
That means, we get to eat anything without having to queue for it.
Furthermore, it will be fresh and hot when served to our table!

I have been to Tao twice, and was glad to have better experience 
on the second visit than the first. Means improvement, eh?

This time, I was determined to get together few of my close friends
in the mission to try out as many dish as possible at this outlet.

And it was the best deal ever when we were there on a weekday! 
We paid RM48++ per pax for lunch buffet from 11.30am to 2.30pm.
Now tell me that it's a good bargain! 

Edamame, even more delicious when served with salt - a simple but must-have starter!

edamame japanese green bean pea

Abalone slices. Simply delicious! We had three plates of these. 

nice food photo abalone

Sashimi lovers would be impressed by the variety of raw seafood
offered at Tao. We had salmon, tuna, octopus and prawns which are undoubtedly fresh!
I don't quite enjoy the octopus as it's a little chewy - very gum challenging!

types of sashimi

We too had some Adegashi Tofu which I find simple but very tasty.
I love how the slightly fried tofu is still soft inside, and simple ingredients
like ginger, shallots and seaweed could make the dish so satisfying.

japanese tofu seaweed

One of our regrettable order is the huge plate of Cheese Baked Scallops.
It do sound very tempting, and the look of it may have you blown away,
but the fresh scallops are covered by thick mayonnaise and the taste of scallops are barely there.

cheese baked scallops

Fried Softshell Crabs and Tempura Moriawase are the two fried
dishes that one would bound to order in a Japanese restaurant.
Although these dishes may be quite on par with other outlets,
I find Tao's a tad too oily. 

fried soft shell crab

ebi tempura

If there is one dish that would makes me very happy,
that would be the Unagi - yes, Unagi, without the Don.
With their new extensive menu, I can now enjoy a wholesome dish of grilled unagi itself!

delicious unagi japanese

Steamed Cod Fish from the buffet line is one of the fastest to finish!
The aroma and natural sweetness is enhanced 
with slight garnishing of spring onions and ginger.

healthy steam cod fish

We had so many fish dishes and it all have been very satisfying except
for this one here. I forgotten the name of it, but it's some grilled fish,
and it wasn't very memorable.

Grilled prawns! My favourite! There are plenty of fresh seafood displayed 
on the buffet line. Fish (please please please don't forget the salmon), 
scallops (oh-my gawd), mussels (yuhmmm), prawns (slurrrpppp),
beef (nom nom nom...) just to mention a few!
Some are for teppanyaki and some to be grilled on the spot!
We had a plate of what I mentioned above, and I finished it before snapping a photo.

grilled prawns recipe

We were also tempted to order a dish comprising of some shell thingy.
Couldn't remember the name, cause it kind of disappoint us at the end.

Sushi is available from both the menu and buffet line.
One of our menu-ordered-sushi is topped with smoked salmon.
It's actually not bad, but I guess we were way to full to enjoy it fully.

Another sushi we ordered is tasted good.
Ebi tempura sushi topped with mango and avocado.
A refreshing twist! 

sushi mango avocado fish roe ebi tempura

And irregardless of how full we are, there is ample of space
for free-flow ice-cream with various toppings!
..... not forgetting, chocolate toppings too!!! 

Verdict : One of the best buffet I've tasted. In terms of variety and quality,
Tao has improved alot over the years. I'd love to go there again soon!

Satisfied guests of the day : Vince, Rachel, Heeyang, Eric, CC and myself

Details for Tao @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara

Address : Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact No. : 03-6248 2826

Website : 



Anonymous said...

hi, just would like to know you recommend Tao over Umaiya for buffet? thx.

Joyce Yap said...

Hi, my personal choice would be Tao for buffet. They provides more variaties to choose from. On menu and on shelf. As for Umaiya, I may go back for some special items where Tao may not have, like Unagi Tempura.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review !