Sunday, September 4, 2011

My dear readers, I would like to declare that I AM OFFICIALLY BROKE! So if any of you want to food-hunt, please do not invite me because I will be very tempted to join! I would need to ikat perut for the rest of the month because of the food spree I had recently. *sigh*

Today we had buffet at Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine & Sushi @ Sunway Giza. This is the meal that have ripped off what is left in my purse.

About Tao, we had buffet lunch which is from 11am - 4pm, but we arrived late because buddies are working half day. As this is a buffet lunch, the food displayed outside is self service. But what attracted me the most is that we are free to order as many dishes / plates we want from the ala carte menu which offers alot of varieties!

The waitress is kind enough to introduce us the TOP TEN dishes in the ala carte menu. In total we had about 20 different dishes including ala carte and from buffet line.

I took tons of photos but had just uploaded a few photos featuring either the best or worst dishes we had. Fair rite?

Buddy Chew ET came back from Doha and we bring him around to fulfill his craving for food! It is actually because of him that we went to Tao..

Sashimi - Chew ET said the scallop is not so fresh but the rest is okay.

Abalone - In my opinion, the slices of abalone is thick and juicy, accompanied with the sauce that makes it so flavourful till the last bite! This is actually my favourite dish and we had two plates of it.

Grilled oyster with cheese. For those who love oyster, I bet you would like this dish! The cheese is very creamy and thick. And guess there is some salad underneath the layer of cheese too.

Salad cheese prawn which is another favourite of mine. The prawn is big and crunchy. If there is just a littleeee bittttt moooore spaaaace in my tummy, I would have order another plate of this dish.

Grilled scallop. I'm not very sure what is the topping but it sure taste like a combination of cheese and otak-otak! Although the topping is delicious, I have trouble tasting the scallop because it was overcooked and thus shrink into a tiny miny 'something' (because it does not taste like scallop).

Self-picked teppanyaki ingredients and cooked on the spot by the chef. Barry and Alicia picked the ingredients and I think this is actually not bad!

Tako - big disappointment to me because the crust was so hard that when I tried to cut it, it rolled from the table to my bag on my lap! Creating a messy stain on my Longchamp! I seriously would prefer the tako kiosk in Jaya Jusco or wherever it may be. There is no filing inside this tako too. Not even a small tentacles of a octopus!

One of the top ten ala carte dish! This lamp chop is yummy and I just hope there is more flesh than the bones.

Self-picked assorted seafood. I love the grilled prawns. The teriyaki chicken is not bad too. The rest is just so-so.

My choice of soup ended up to be another disappointment. Abalone soup as claimed, but abalone is no where to be seen. Instead, there are chunks of chicken and a quail egg. The soup does not taste like it have been boiled with an abalone... :(

Steamed lala - my choice too. I am not very good at locating good food because this dish proves that I have failed in ordering food. First of all, a steam lala should have lala. This plate of lala is so tiny meanie that I could not taste the supposedly-fresh-seafood. It was cooked with too much chilli making the gravy very hard for us to telan.

A bowl of fruits to call it a day.
And not to mention, Joyce self-proclaimed "JY's tomato choco fondue!!!". I saw the chocolate fondue mountain and could not stop myself from looking for something to dump inside the mountain! Look left, look right, nothing... nothing... (talking like Russell Peters and his Indian accent)... yeah nothing... No strawberry, marshmallow or whatsoever.. so I find whatever I could at the salad bar which is the baby tomatoes! Cucuk everything in the satay stick and yessshhhh there it goes inside the mountain of slurp slurrpyyy!!!

Well now I am broke because we spent RM70 p/pax... but I have got a very satisfied tummy! If there is gonna be a next trip to Tao, I will fill my stomach with the abalone slices, grilled prawns, ebi tempura, lamp chop and the cheese shrimp!

Yuuummmmmylicious! :)


SS said...

Wow!! all these foods look so delicious, 70/pax is worth it. But i guess i'm not going to have buffet for the next couple of months, u know why right?:(

Joyce Yap said...

Yes I know why...
Cause you had BUFFET CONTINUOUSLY IN FEW DAYS TIME when you were in Penang! Hahaha~