Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mum went back to Penang for a week and let's see the mess caused by dad at home!!!

Well I'm not any better cause I've failed to keep clean my small little room as well! Bags on the floor, papers on my desk... Hey that's all!

Went out to check and JENG JENG!!! Kena heart attack!!! Dad newspaper all around the living hall, his shirts and handkerchief on the bench, keropok udang plastics on the floor...

Look at the dining table!!! No room to dine!!!

Dry kitchen cannot be helped as i am allergic to washing detergents.

Dad fried ikan kembung yesterday and the kitchen looked like he cooked for a handful of people! Not to mention the oily and greasy cooking stove! Mum would be FURIOUS!!!

Dad cooked rice and left the rice cooker just like that for nights!

Rubbish for a week!

Looking at this condition, I do not dare to be at home when mum is back later. So I do whatever I could to minimize the damage, reduce the nagging and scolding for me and dad.

Put on my SEMANGAT headband and start cleaning!!!


My room is clean and organized once again!

Dad's mess cleared!

Clean and clear!

Am proud to show the clean and shining stove!!!

I got dad to throw the rubbish and waiting for part-time kakak to do the sweeping, mopping and cleaning of dishes.

I tried doing all these when mum was away the other day but it does not meet up with her expectation. So 'lantak' lahh.. I malas to put effort in doing it and yet still get scolding! Hahaha...

My helping hand at home is limited today, but was a fruitful one (to me at least)! Weeeee...!!!!

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SS said...

Wah! Look like u r in a very good mood today. My house is also quite messy. Why don't u......;-)