Friday, September 16, 2011

I have finally gotten the chance to try the ramen at Hokkaido Santouka!

In my previous two visits there, it was packed and the Q was so long that I have given up! But this time I went on weekdays, right after work.

There was no Q at that time, but it was full house though. This shop is actually quite small and with the space constraint, all the seating are put very closely. I feel very uncomfortable because we would have to talk softer otherwise both the tables on our right and left would have overheard our conversation. And in fact I did hear their conversation because they are just too near to us! :(

Shio Char Siu - S Size

Shio Toroniku - M size with pork at the side to retain the pork original taste.
And my favourite 3/4 boiled egg called Komi-Tamago... yummylicious!

Karaage (Fried Chicken with tartar sauce)

Fried chicken gyoza

Yummylicious! There are 4 different broth, which are shio (salt flavor), shoyu (soya sauce flavor), miso (soyabean flavor), kara-miso (spicy soybean paste flavor). I asked the waitress which would she recommend and she said shio is the best. It indeed is because I drank it till the last drop! Did not finish the ramen though... cause I was wayyyy tooo full then!

As for the fried chicken, not sure why but I could taste a very strong fragrance of ginger. But the tartar sauce is really nice to go with the chicken. The gyoza on the other hand is not very impressive because the "skin" is a little bit too thick. Just like dimsum, I like the skin to be thin to compliment the fillings. :)

Very expensive! For 2 bowl of ramen, one plate of fried chicken, gyoza and 2 hot ocha, it cost almost RM100! Over-priced... :(

Shio Char Siu (S size) RM27.50
Shio Toroniku (M size) RM36.00
Karaage RM10.00
Chicken Gyoza RM10.00
Komi-Tamago (Egg) RM2.00
Green Tea RM4.00
With 10% it all total up to RM98.45

Would like to say THANK YOU to Sunny boy for belanja-ing me this yummylicious meal!!! Next round would be my turn yah!!! ;)



SS said...

Yeah! Let's go makan-makan again!! :p

Joyce Yap said...

Wookey~ We shall plan again! ;)