Monday, September 5, 2011

I had just walked out from my bathroom where I vomited like nobody business. Vomiting is nothing new to me. But this time, I scare the shit out of myself because of the amount, and how I vomited is just like the horror movie in which a girl vomits when she was possessed by a demon. Have you saw those movie before? Do you want me to demonstrate it?

Moment ago I was like... "Did I eat / drink this much???" because I kept waiting for myself to finish vomiting but I couldn't!!!

Just like the above photo, that was how much I vomited, but I puked 10 over times till I finally finish it. Possessed by a "puking demon"??? Next exorcist???

I actually ate very little today.. with no lunch. And am very puzzled thinking where does all the food / liquid comes from! I practically filled up 3/4 of the toilet bowl with my puke!!!!! (yucks???)

Hmmm... Am alright now after emptied my stomach. Has got stomachache which is normal as it happens everytime I vomited.

Haaaihhhh... feeling like shit. Emo-lahhhh.... (could still see some leftover food on the floor trap) // Heheheee....


王子 said...

poking-mon ( pokemon ?)