Thursday, September 15, 2011

Few days ago we went for dinner at Bubur Goreng @ Eng Ann and yeah it was yummy! Chew did told me that the steam lala is comparable to one in Boston Klang. I tried and I agree with him!

Fried porridge with dried squids, and chunks of fried pork lard. Usually I am not fond of porridge unless I am sick, but this porridge will be one of those that I will crave for.

There's nothing much to talk about the hokkien fried mee except that it is just so-so and a little bit salty.

Yummy meatball. Like the crunchiness and the mixed taste of garlic and some vege stuff. Nicer with Kampung Koh chili sauce.

Steam mantis prawn with egg. These big juicy sumptuous mantis prawn is steamed to perfection and when is peeled from top, you can just bite it off easily. So sweet and yummy!!!

Steamed lala is the best!!! I'm lala mui and a big fan of this little shelled friend. Both Boston and Bubur Goreng serves equally good steam lala. The difference is that Boston's lala has alot more ginger and soup. While in Bubur Goreng, there are more garlic and the lala is slightly smaller. But it taste good though!

Love my dinner there and will definitely return for more since it is near to my house.

Yummylicious!!! :)

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SS said...

Nampak sedap je... mana tempat ni? Halal ke? ;)

Joyce Yap said...

Eng Ann.. the old Loke Fook Moon. Tak halal one... since when u masuk Islam? Haha!

Joyce Yap said...

@ET Chew, let's go Bubur Goreng when you are back okay? I'm craving for the steam mantis prawns! Yummylicious!!!