Saturday, September 3, 2011

It is the bubble tea spree!!!

I'm hunting down the third retail chain of bubble tea!!! This time I went to Gong Cha at SS15 Subang.

All I could say is that it is definitely better than Chatime but not as good as Ochado.
The price is almost the same as Ochado and they do offer selections in terms of sugar level and ice level.

bubble teabubble tea

Milk Tea with Pearl RM5.90
Plum Green Tea RM4.90
Special Milk Coffee RM6.90
Lemon Juice with Ai-yu and White Pearl RM 6.40

After getting reviews from my buddies, I think the best is still the original Milk Tea with Pearl. My Lemon Juice with Ai-yu and white pearl is not bad, but could be better with 25% of sugar instead of my chosen 70% which is TOO SWEET! Eeks!!!

Barry is the only one who said OK when I asked for permission to take photo with. The rest so "lan si"!!! Humpphhh!!!

All my buddies are busy with their gadgets. Alicia doing mobile banking with her Samsung Galaxy Ace, Chew viewing videos using iPad2 and Barry checking on my FB account with my iPod. And look at Alicia! Turning her back because I was aiming with my camera! So not cam-friendly! Hummmpphhhhh!!!!!

Going back to my topic about Gong Cha, it is opening soon at KLCC and I would support them because they are alot better than the sucky Chatime (although they managed to open more than 15 stores with their deceiving drinks!!!)

Gong Cha is yummylicious! :)