Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something went wrong somewhere and my Genting blogpost went cuckoo!

Luckily there is a softcopy and photos in my PC and I manage to re-post this...


Genting Highlands is always the best choice for a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of the everyday urban life.
We get to enjoy the cool weather at Genting Highlands, laze around while enjoying hot chocolate and to walk around at our own pace. Our Nuzul Al-Quran PH was not a waste at all...
(click for larger image)

Little Izzy was so occupied with her games and storybook in iPad2. And apparently, she likes the blueberry cheesecake more than tiramisu in Coffee Bean. I agree with her choice too because the blueberry cheesecake is definitely yummier! ;)

Hey Barry! Where is your mobile manners?!! Haha~
All 3 of us was struggling to find a wi-fi spot. Why is it so hard to online and check-in?!! I've missed earning some points in foursquare just because the stupid line in Coffee Bean is just too slow!!!

We took the opportunity to add more memories by taking photos on our way back to the hotel room. These good memories is gonna last a long... long.... time.... :)

Hou Mei Restaurant at Genting Highland sucks to the max! All of us ordered food varies from tom yam seafood, curry laksa, wan tan noodles, chicken hor fun and I ordered chicken rice. All these food are LOUSY. My steamed chicken is cold and tasteless! Will not go near this restaurant anymore!
And if you look closer at the above photo, you can see that Alicia is carrying a big G2000 bag. It belongs to Barry. He had shopping mood that day and was crowned champion for the total of money spent. Bet he won't call me for Starbucks anymore for the rest of the month... Haha!

We went to Fortune Dim Sum at Sri Petaling. It is one of the famous dim sum shop that everyone is talking about.
This place is not a disappointment to me, as the food is slightly above average, and there are several unique dishes such as "kai wor pao" (like a lor mai kai inside a pao), and a dimsum that has sausages in it with wrapped bacon. I enjoyed my all time favourite fried salad prawn too! Three of us had around 15 plates and the total bill come out to RM52. Overall, I would say that this restaurant is a place worth visiting.
Genting : 16th & 17th August 2011