Sunday, September 18, 2011

Few days back a puppy was standing on another side of the fence at my house, looking into the party we are having at home.

Mum spotted the puppy overlooking at us, and the puppy (female) looked so pity. We can't help but to bring her in and feed her. She eat and drink like she haven't eat for days. Aunt and uncle was pestering dad to keep her as pet. I can see that dad wanted to, and mum kept grumbling about how dirty and smelly she is. The puppy is not helping at all as she prove mum's statement about her by scratching herself the whole night! Mum was so worried that she has got flees on her!

She was really playful and I love playing with her. Amazingly, she could understand a few simple instruction like "SIT!", and when I slap my lap, she know how to come up to me, she knows that I call her when I whistle at her. Really cute little puppy and I hope that dad keeps her too!

She stinks... bad time!

Cute puppy that knows how to come to my lap when I asked her to..

The puppy finally stayed at the back yard when we are all finished with the party. But chaos started when mum woke up in the morning to find that the puppy is sleeping in our hall!!! She came in the morning as dad didn't close the door properly when he went out. She peed at a few place in our house compound and mum just kept mumbling, grumbling, complaining, while cleaning the house. Dad has got no choice but to chain her up.

I woke up in the morning and heard the puppy whining. She sounded so pitiful and I went to search for her. It breaks my heart to see that dad has chained her up! Gave dad and mum hell of a lecture. I was so angry and blasted out... "She's just a puppy and is a stray dog! It's not her fault to pee in our house! She don't understand that she is not supposed to pee here! If you wanna keep her as a pet, then toilet train her! Not chain her up or put her in a cage! Although you meant well to care for her, but by chaining her, this is an animal abuse and a sin to you! Animal has the right of freedom too! If you can't give her freedom, then don't keep her! Let her run wild!!!".

Mum and dad kept silent and I walked off... (felt bad for blasting at them too but I can't help seeing the dog like that).

Heart breaking moment to see her all chained up!!! :'(

Got myself ready to work and still find her whining. I can't stand it any longer and took the chain off from the grill, but the chain is still attached to her neck though. And the chain was pretty heavy! I walked the puppy to the neighbouring area to find her rightful owner. Asked several people who said "not ours" and finally saw a Bangaladesh guy who claimed that the puppy belong to his boss. So I handed the puppy to him. I could see that the puppy refuse to follow him and he drag her on the floor. I shouted at him and ask him to whistle and the dog will follow him (it worked for me).

Since I was already late for work, I could not follow-up with that guy. To-date, the fate of the lost puppy is unknown. But at least I know it is not my dad who chained her. I will miss the puppy dearly.. Sorry daddy for taking away your pet... :'(

This is not the first stray dog we encountered. Few months back there's one dog which we have taken care for few days and she disappeared later on. We called her "Hiau Hiau" because she likes to play with guys than girls. She guard our main gate to the house and greeted me everytime I come back from work.

Hiau Hiau play with me in the morning.. :)

Mum says she hate dogs, but she mind when Hiau Hiau follows my dad around, but not her! Haha!

Mum talking to Hiau Hiau

Hiau Hiau follows dad wherever he goes..

Stray or not, I really love these puppies. But I will always remember what Vince & Robin told me when I first thought about having a stray puppy as my pet. Bad habit never change.. especially my crazy love for dogs. :)


SS said...

So pity.... U should give her a nice bubble bath. :)

Joyce Yap said...

How abt giving her a cup of bubble tea instead? :P