Monday, November 10, 2008

Few days ago, I saw a puppy at the taxi stand where I’m waiting for taxi to college. There's no other dog around, so I guess the puppy is an abandoned dog. The puppy looked really adorable. Small size, brown color, with very lovely eyes. I love staring at its eyes, but it somehow made me want to bring her back. That eyes, a pair of eyes that seems to be able to hypnotize me.. Gosh.. I love that puppy!

Afraid that it may be hungry, Vince went off to buy a “siu bao”. But the puppy just sniffs at it as if it’s not her type of meal. Then 2 ladies came over bringing a pack dog food. They forced her to eat and in the end, she finishes almost half of the pack. Robin came along and feed her a piece of bread – not her type of food -- just a plain bread mah! …a very picky eater indeed!

I asked Vince numerous times “Can I bring her back? She’s so cute! Please? Please?”.

Vince and Robin gave me a same answer “Now you see cute, after few months, you won’t have a second look on it already lah. It’s just another stray dog”

Me : “Sobz.. Ok lor then”.

Below are few photos I took on the cute puppy.. hope you like it as much as me! She's really really really cute~

Hey hey there cute puppy! Where's your mummy?!

It's a female puppy. Talented poser.. I lurve the eye contact! Haha!

Not very happy though.. not wagging her tail :'(

"Hmm.. what is this? Eww.. it smells like pork!!!
Sorry mam', I don't eat pork, can you get me something else instead?"

"If you're not getting me anything like Pedigree, I think I'm going to sleep."

I love this pic! She looked so cute! Partially covering her face because she's camera shy and keeping one eye open for peeping. Just so so so cute!!!

I really don't mind having this cute puppy as pet although it's a stray dog. She's irresistible!


Quin Rinn said...

what the crap!?u didn't bring her home!!??(i have to insist calling that cute,cute princess.. an 'it' is unforgivable)go back there and bring that cute princess home!!
haha..nawh.if it was me,its totally on my lap right now looking at her picture on ur blog.although that woudlnt work aye?

Pinky Online said...

she looks so shy and cutee~~~ and also know how to act kelian haha

Joyce Yap said...

Rach.. If it's my call, I would have brought her home right on the spot!!! Too bad I need approval from your dearest kong kong and mama to have a pet. Sobzzz...

U both sure agree when I say she SO SO SO ADORABLE and CUTE eh?!! Didn't see her at the taxi stand anymore.. wandering around for food I think..