Tuesday, November 4, 2008

English is language that is used widely. And it appears to be the most simple and convenient language to communicate. However, people who think that English is not simple enough, invented short forms.

Some of it in fact ease the SMS and MSN users. I don’t mind using btw” for “by the way”, “omg” and my all time favorite is “wtf”. It makes the rude expression of anger a more polite one. There are many more which I used quite often.

Minutes ago, my niece Rachel typed “idts” in our conversation box, and I asked “it’s a short form for?” She said “I don’t think so”. Okay…. the person who invented this short form is one lazy bump. Haha!

Sometimes using short form doesn’t give the same impact/ expression of what you want to convey. An example to portray this kecacatan in short form is “LOL”. As many know, it’s a short form for “laugh out loud”. Instead of using the common laughter expression of “HAHA”, people type “LOL” in SMS and MSN. Well... it's okay with me. All I have to do is imagine that they're laughing.

But the most funny part about “LOL” is that, there are people who actually pronounce it as if it’s a word in English! The scenario I encountered was.. I tell my friend a joke, and instead of him laughing HAHAHA… he said LOL!!! He actually said lol.

As far as I’m concern, there are no such word in dictionary. Well, maybe someone should start suggesting to insert lol in the dictionary as a word and define it as a new form of laughter to replace HAHA.

A short joke just for fun…

Suami : Kenapa Sayang menangis?

Isteri : Saya telah baca sebuah buku. Sad endinglah bang..

Suami : Buku apa?

Isteri : Buku bank abanglah..

My response towards the joke :-

So funny lah! LOL!!!


Quin Rinn said...

hahahahaha!! i mean, LOL!! 'My niece Rachel..' 'My niece Rachel..' IM IN YOUR BLOG!!! tee hee.lololololololololololololololol.so easy to write mah.the 'l' is below the 'o' only and the 'o' is above the 'l' only. no need to type 'h' then move ur fingers to the other half end of the key board to type 'a' LOL.

Joyce Yap said...

Haha, guess you're one of the lazy bump! HAHA also so hard to type??!!!

Quin Rinn said...

lol! ;)