Thursday, November 6, 2008

OMG OMG OMG!!! I’m so excited!!! I need to blog about what happened today!!! Although it’s kinda late now, and it has been a tiring day, and I need to wake up early tomorrow, but I need to get this out from my chest!!!
Warning : This is a very long post. To understand this blog post better, please have patience, and the ability to imagine and visualize based on what I write.

First of all, I said “Robin, ni hen bu lucky yi xia wor”... because Robin got robbed! Okay okay, this is not what I'm so excited to blog about. This is what he told us about the incident:-

"It happened in Masjid Jamek last Sunday when he’s on his way back to Setapak. He saw it coming, but it was too late! He tried to run, but ended up ‘pokgai ‘– his Bata shoes failed him on a wet surface. And the robbers caught him by his bag! There were 4 of them, Malay robbers! They drag Robin to a dark alley. Two of them hold him by his neck (using two fingers to grab his neck as if they learnt it from Shaolin Temple), another one search his body thoroughly for valuable items, while another one is holding a broken glass bottle (threatening to hurt him if he fights back). They took his wallet, handphone, hand-carry Lego set, camping bag that consist of a Casio watch, Gundam action figure, two TLC shirts etc. In the end of the tragedy, he was only left with few coins in his pocket enough to make a call to his brother who brought him to lodge a police report. Robin said that the only thing he couldn’t bear to lose is his camping bag because it has accompanied him through many experience. He has got ‘kam cheng’ for his camping bag."
Robin said “Don’t let me see any Malay guy wearing TLC shirt! I would definitely ‘pok gao’ him!!!”

Please bear in mind that TLC shirts are only for AAV2 students. We designed it ourselves and we all have 3 shirts (showing T, L and C respectively). It’s not mass produced at all.
After he explained the scenario, I suggested that since he’s so unlucky, he should probably go and pray, which he intended to do so too! We went to a nearby temple and prayed sincerely for safety and good health.

Next day during lunch, Chin Chuan ate a not-so-satisfying roast duck, and he said there’s a stall in Petaling Street that serve really good salty roast duck! We’ve been talking about going to Petaling Street for beef noodles for many days, but tak jadi. After hearing about the roast duck, we were determined to make a trip there to cari makan!

Please note that people and time is an important factor in this blog. Day after, I suggested that we depart at 3pm. But Nicole said it looks like raining already, so better go earlier around 1.45pm. Vince & I waited at the bus stop at 1.45 but didn’t see their batang hidung at all. We saw CC, Rach & her brother, Hon & Nico 30 minutes later. And waited for Robin for another 8 minutes. So we ended up depart at 2.30pm. Remember... time is important here.

In the bus, Nicole said hakka mee in Petaling Street is yummy. So we say OK! Before cari makan, we accompany Hon to S&M to send his PSP charger for repair. We then go and fill our stomach with hakka mee and roast duck – which both are deliciously yummy! They all then suggest that I should blog about the yummy roast duck, they helped me by taking pictures of it etc. Luckily we sit and chat for awhile after eating.

Why we said lucky? Because if me, the cari makan kaki didn't insist to cari makan at Petaling Street, if CC and Rach didn't reco the roast duck, if Nicole didn’t suggest that we go earlier and recommend Hakka mee, if we didn’t do any waiting at the taxi stand, if we didn’t go over to S&M, if we didn’t sit around and chat after eating, we wouldn’t have bump into a Malay guy who is wearing ‘C’ of TLC shirt!!! Yes!!! Someone is wearing our class's TLC shirt and he's not from our class!!!

And nearby, there’s one guy who is carrying Robin’s camping bag who's just seated to have lunch!!! ROBIN NEVER EXPECTED TO SEE THE ROBBER AGAIN!!! People don’t get robbed and see the same robbers 3 days later in a different place, and recognized the robbers because they are wearing a ‘limited edition’ shirt like TLC!

The robbers are going different direction now. Robin was stunned at first because he don’t know what to do with the guy who’s wearing TLC shirt as he’s accompanied by another guy, and shocked by the guy who is carrying Robin’s unforgettable camping bag, he rushed towards the guy who carried the bag! He yelled to the rest of us about it and the guys went over to ‘kepung’ the robber! While the guy wearing TLC shirt managed to escape. How convenient as the robber is sitting down to have lunch, so it's easier to 'kepung' him! Robin saw his camping back, his Casio watch and his keychain inside the bag!

With all our might, we are not going to let him get away! Robin, Vince, Hon, CC and Rach’s bro continue to ‘kepung’ him, keeping him in a corner, they questioned him, call the police, and while waiting for the police, the hawkers are asking us what happened. Myself, Rach and Nico was standing abit further from the robber. I'm afraid that he might try to escape and with us there, we'll somehow slow down the guys. So me and Nico are responsible in contacting the police, which Robin is trying to do at the same time. Rachel on the other hand is repeating the story to the stalls owner. Some of them advised us to belasah the robber! But we did not. It’s kinda wasted that the other robbers managed to get away, especially the one wearing Robin’s TLC shirt!

Moment later, the local Petaling Street guys with walkie-talkie came to us (some call them gangster/ tai lou/ Ah Beng), but I call them hero of the day! Those Chinese heroes ‘kepung’ the robber and with just an announcement in their walkie-talkie, all the heroes in Chinatown came over to the lorong of hakka mee to help! They all arrived with a very fierce look, and with fist that are fully prepared for some punches! Before they could do anything to the robber, a young guy kept telling them "He didn't rob here! It happened at other place on last Sunday!". If this was not clarified, the robber will get hell of a beating!

The heroes firstly thought that the robber robbed us in Petaling Street, which would have been an on-the-spot-death-penalty if it is the case. Those heroes are the guardian of Petaling Street, they make sure that there’s no chaos in the Chinatown, either from the police, pickpockets, or people who create nuisance that will disrupt the business in Chinatown. If it happens, the villain is sure gonna get badly beaten and smashed up till their mummy couldn’t recognise them!

Most of the heroes have the common heroic look with their thick gold necklace, rings, piercing, tattoos with a sling bag, which I think contains ‘ka chang’ like knives and blades! Haha! They looked really like those samseng in Hong Kong movies. In fact, this whole scenario is just like a Hong Kong movie!

This is my first time seeing such scenario. In total, there are around 20 heroes surrounding the robber! Being in the victim side, we felt so safe and protected, and believe that the justice will prevail with their help. Most of them was very angry at first, thinking that “how dare you ‘kao kao chan’ in my territory!!!” and one hero said “you tak boleh cari makan di sini!!!”. The robber wasn’t very co-operative when the heroes questioned him about his crime partners. The climax of this was when a hero kicked hardly the robber on his chest which make the robber fall from his chair!!! Ouch!!! It sure is painful.. but padan muka!!! The other heroes stopped this chest kicking hero immediately. I was thinking.. The robbers never thought about the consequences when they rob Robin, so why care about their pain now?!! Should beat him up! And I don’t mind helping with the umbrella on my hand! Haha!!! Before I could continue fantasizing the pleasure of beating up the villain who hurt my friend, the hero already went off because he was not allowed to smash up that s*n of a b*tch!!! The robber only got 1 kick on his chest! So unfair!!!

Awhile later, the local police came. There were 2 of them in normal attire – no uniforms, no batch, no nothing. All they have is an attitude! One of them with misai, was very “yeng”. He looked serious, very silent, smoking his Dunhill. Just by waving his hand, the crowd disperse. All the heroes leave the matter to the law enforcement team. Robin told them that he made a police report last Sunday. Since the case has been documented, the police call for nearby police assistance. More police came over, and handcuffed the robber. It’s also my first time seeing a handcuff! And someone is being handcuffed right in front of me! We all then accompany Robin to the police station to report the incident.

Police were all amazed that Robin caught his own robber! Robin solved his own crime! The police officers were very thankful because Robin helped them solve this robbery case too – that might actually lead to many other cases reported. We have no idea how many people these robbers have robbed! Bunch of f*ckers! They mess with the wrong guy!!!

Imagine how lucky Robin is! He can get back his camping bag once the investigation is over. Although he still losses some of his possessions, but what the hell, he got back his precious camping bag! People don’t get their stuff after being robbed! Apatah lagi have the chance to bump into the robber and put the robber behind bars!!!

It’s one lucky day! Robin was so so so happy and delighted that he said the rest of our meals today are on him. Haha! He was soooo happy.. there’s no word to describe how happy he was.

I actually thought of taking pictures of all the heroes in action and during the police putting handcuff on the robber, it but am afraid that it would be illegal. All I have was photos of roast duck! So I leave this to the reader’s imagination.

Anybody who needs some pocket money, you may bring Robin to Genting. Because Robin shi hen lucky yi xia wor! Hahaha!!! The whole thing really looks like it has been written by Hong Kong director with the usual story line! But it's not, it happened right infront of us!

Now we are keeping our eyes opened for Malay guy who wears TLC shirt. They are staying nearby Kota Raya area. Hopefully these 3 robbers will be caught and punished by law!

Wow, this blog is damn blog. Take me 1 hour to finish writing it. But trust me, this blog is not enough to describe the whole thing! I think I missed out some points. Those who really want to know about this once-in-a-lifetime-blardey-lucky-experience, please browse thru Vince's detailed blog post. Click for Vince blog post on this matter

I was standing behind, so my perspective may not be as accurate as Vince's since he's standing just right beside the villian for the entire 'show'. I wish that I have a camcorder to record the whole thing. Then no need to explain until so long lah. Oh gosh.. Need to sleep already. Gotta wake up early tomorrow – going back to the temple and show gratitude for God’s blessing. God knows how Robin felt after losing his camping bag, and He gave us a chance to get it back. This time, I really believe that God hears prayers!

For those who don’t have any idea about my Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin & Cantonese jargons and lingos up there, I’ve prepared a glossary, but do remember that I’m not a good translator. *wink*


Hen bu lucky yi xia wor – seems to be very unlucky
Pokgai – fall/ tripKam cheng –have feelings forPok gao – beat up
Tak jadi – never did
Cari makan – find food
Batang hidung – presence
Hakka mee – noodles prepared in Hakka style
Kepung – surroundBelasah – beat upLorong – back alley
Ka chang – equipmentKao kao chan – mess aroundYou tak boleh cari makan di sini - You robbers cannot do your thing here/ You cannot rob people in my territory!
Padan muka! – serve you right!
Misai – moustacheYeng – Cool/ stylish/ elegant/ heroic
Apatah lagi – What moreHen lucky yi xia wor –
seems to be very lucky


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Yaya! When we see this type of story line, that usually appears in Hong Kong movie, we'll say "Wah! So fake! Where got so ngam one?!", mana tau it really happens!!! Hong Kong movie sometimes can be true too!!! OMG.. so keng!!!

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lol =_= fucking dramatic !!
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Muahahaa~ very dramatic seeing all the Chinatown "tai lou" coming in groups. They are everywhere! So keng.. feel that they very united. Haha! Vince one lagi detailed. Haha.. enjoy~

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this is so funny , so so sso unlucky but still so lucky ... haha