Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Horray! Blogspot I’m back!!!

So many exciting event took place for the past few days! And one of it is my birthday celebration!!!

I had a wonderful birthday!!!
I had a blast!!!and it lasted for almost a week!!!

Day 1
-Birthday girl belanja whole family out for dinner at the usual restaurant – occupied 2 tables!

-Then proceed to KEC, an executive club where dad usually patrons. Few members of Cousin Starz were supposed to perform Mr. Q but the DJ did not manage to find the song (new DJ, should have suggest to fire her on the spot).

-Brought along my birthday cake made by sis – a plain chocolate cake with no icing nor cream, but with LOTS OF LOVE! Dad dedicated a birthday song for me (continuously from English, Mandarin to Cantonese version – lasted for 3 boring minutes), and practically everyone in the club is singing along. I felt kind of embarrassed, but luckily sis was being kind by putting only 1 stick of candle on the cake.

With sis home made chocolate cake~

-Sister in-law tried to get me drunk. She and my aunt wallop half bottle of dad’s Chivas. She kept saying “Want your camera or not?! If want, drink!”.. she said that everytime I finishes my drink, then she gets the waiter to pour more for me.

With 2nd sister in-law & mum... look at mum's red face!!! She had more drink than usual!

With mum, sis and dad my dearest - don't ask why is my sis alot taller than me!

Bro is always with his "peace sign" !!! Stay with me abit longer and I'll prove to u why I say so..

These people was trying to get me drunk! But we're all still standing strong after the half bottle of Chivas!

Highlight of the night: Dad joget with mum!!! It’s so sweeettt… I then kacau kacau daun by joining them *bluek*

Look at this loving couple.. gosh~ We had a wonderful family night. I should consider bringing the whole kampung out to Bangsar one night.. haha!

God.. I'm blessed to be a part of this family.. THANK YOU!!!

Day 2
-Aunt cook the traditional ‘mee suah’ with pork liver. Mum boil egg and I’m in-charged of putting the red dye on the egg. Had a traditional birthday lunch.

Don't ever miss the red egg on birthday - it is for a healthy and prosperous year!

Mee suah for longevity~Many more wonderful birthdays to come eh?

-In conjunction with parent 26th wedding anniversary, we had a party at night. With close family members. Had a blast!

-Aunt cooked Penang traditional lam mee. She’s a super chef, trying to show me what traditional dish looks like, all the way from the preparation till how it is garnished! I can’t have enough of her lam mee! And all the while I thought my mum is the best cook. Haha!

-Third sister in-law bought Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence cake written “Happy Wedding Anniversary! Many more loving years to come!" ... Accompanied with champagne, which dad have trouble opening! Haha!

Mak, ayah, abang-abang sekalian dan sis-in laws. Pic taken in a pondok built by dad for the kids to play. We call it the Happy Clubhouse. Look at the smile on our faces.. :P

Gimme the biggest piece of cake pleeaasseee~

Cheerrrsss!!! Dad with the Goh sisters..

Prove #1 : He's doing the peace sign..

Prove # 2 : What?! The peace sign again?! Haha!!! .. time to sing the song "He ain't heavy, he's my brother"

Day 3
-To Green Box with bunch of good friends after watching Madagascar 2 at Times Square.

-Vince tried to surprise me by buying a cake but the waiter spoil the whole surprise by asking out loud in the karaoke room “Do you want me to bring the cake in now?”. (this waiter should join the DJ – FIRED!)
-Vince is as kind as sis, put only 1 candle on the third cake I had in a week. It taste superduperlicious! But the Secret Recipe chocolate cheese tasted abit “jelak” after 1 big piece.

Day 4 (actual birthday)
-Vince brought me to Leisure Mall to pick a watch for myself. So many watches to choose from, but only one catches me eyes! Thank you Vince!!!

-Had lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng Restaurant – was supposed to get a free giant Hong Kong “nai cha” on my birthday, but one of the Terms & Conditions is to have 6 people. So I’m not entitled to any birthday drink. Pity me..

-Vince gave me a last surprise by making 2 trip to nearby JJ – only to get my crystal bracelet repaired! At last… after 2 years, I’m finally wearing the bracelet he bought for me – a bracelet that marks the beginning of our love story *blush*

Day 5
Went to Wong Kok at One Utama the next day, but with only Vince & Robin. Still not enough people to be entitled any birthday drink. So no birthday drink that day too. Kesian saya..

Day 7

Next 2 days went to same Wong Kok, but at SS2 P.J. Don’t ask me why we patron this restaurant so much. Not that I like the food there, the restaurant just happened to be everywhere!!! Haha!!! Well, at last I have 6 people with me to be entitled for a birthday drink, but guess what?!! The waitress said “Sorry, but it has been 4 days after your actual birthday, we only accept 3 days before and 3 days after”. So… no giant birthday drink!!! All my cousins and I tried to be rebellious by ordering plain water for every one of us. Hahahaha!!!


Wish list checklist

1) A crystal bracelet - CHECK!2) A watch - CHECK!3) Canon IXUS 870 IS - what you think?! Those nice picture up there.. of my watch and bracelet, you think I took those pictures from my 2MP hp? Of course not! So it's a CHECK!!!

If you ask who got me the camera, I'd tell u.. Angel brought it here...

Look at my happy yet silly face..