Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If Streamyx provides better service and coverage in Setapak area, I would be doing my thesis now! I need to online so badly to do my long and dreadful research (as claimed by Vince). But now, I can only enter sites like Blogspot and Friendster! Have not been checking my e-mails for weeks now… Sigh~

Birthday coming up soon. Don’t really like birthday ever since my 21st birthday celebration. It was the best, and the last party I’ll ever have. Am already too old to announce my age in a birthday party.

Talking about birthdays, people usually have their ‘birthday expectation’.

While counting down days to their birthday, silently inside them, they have questions such as “What will my parents give me this year? I just got my driving license, so a car perhaps?”.

Those in courting phase, or paktoh already, would be thinking “Will he get me the dress that I’ve been hinting him about?”.

All these questions running inside their mind are actually expectations! Sometimes these expectations lead to surprises, and sometimes disappointments. In my case, I just wish that I don’t have a birthday to celebrate. Cause I can’t help having expectations. Haha!

I just hope that this coming birthday I won’t have to be stranded at home, chatting with people in MSN (who don’t even bother to wish me happy birthday) while sadly gulping down a bowl of instant noodles which taste salty because I “kar liu” with my tears. Not that I have this moment before. It would be so pathetic.. just sucks!!!

I just want to have a simple dinner with my family, and I’m definitely expecting my siblings to get me something nice for once! Haha! Like a Canon IXUS 870 IS!!! Wahahahahaaa~ * grinning with an evil look on the face*

Still couldn’t get to sign in my MSN, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail! If the line didn’t get better tomorrow, all I’m going to do is to flood my blog with silly posts!


Dirty jokes to share

**Those underaged, please scroll back up till you see the "close" tab and just wait for upcoming post. Haha!**

Question: Why sperm donation is more expensive rather than blood donation?
Answer: Because it's HANDMADE!!

Question : What is the closest thing similar to a woman's period?
Answer : Your salary, it comes once a month lasts about 5-7 days and if it doesn't come means you are in big trouble.

2 prostitutes (bitches) were in a taxi, on their way home after "work".
Bitch 1 : I smell sperm!!
Bitch 2 : Sorry, I burped!!


Hey you! Below 15?! And still reads my blog after the warning?! You better learn to listen eh?!


Quin Rinn said...

1)its my dads birthday today
2)you've been asking for a camera for YEARS aye?!(that was to show you i have good memory ;)
3)THE JOKES ARE...DISGUSTING!!!(but i still understand it while i know some people will just 'mong char char' ;)

Joyce Yap said...

1) I know about his birthday. I commented about it on my post Killer Fish. And I wished him already. Promised to belanja him "lau por". Haha!
2) Izit? Well, now I specify which model I want. And it's CANON IXUS 870 IS!!! Remember this too!!! Haha!
3) Hey! Thought you are categorized in my underaged list too?!! How dare you read the jokes and ignore my warning?!!
- Will msg your mummy to give you a spank on your butt!!!

Quin Rinn said...