Monday, November 3, 2008

The first aquarium I have is a small little aquarium measured approximately 8" x 12" with 8" height. It's so small that I was able to place it beside my monitor. At that time, I already have around 9 fishes, and I extend the fishes family by adding a few 'red nose tetra'. The red nose tetra looks like an ordinary white small fish, except that its nose is red (not quite red when it's unhappy). So it's like an indication if they are happy in the aquarium. In my case, they are not happy at all! After 1 week time, they still look like ikan bilis, no sign of red nose popping up anytime soon. Robin bought the same fishes, and it looked like they bang their head repeatedly against the glass aquarium till it is swollen, red and bleed! That's how red it supposed to be! It's just amazing how nature can be..

The small mini aquarium given by Robin.

Looking at my unhappy and not so quite red nose tetra, I decided to give them away to Robin to live in a better place. And Robin agrees to adopt them. Haha! And yes indeed, it turned red immediately. It was because they are in a bigger space environment, with lesser family member to fight for food with.

Knowing tat my fishes is unhappy with the small aquarium, I upgraded it into a bigger one! This bigger aquarium measured 10" x 15" with 10" height! Fishes got more place to swim. Everything is cool, I get to add more wood, rumput rumpai and more fishes! All my fishes are finally happy. I even have a baby guppy! Before I can say that ‘they lived happily ever after’, there comes intruder inside the aquarium! It’s the snails! Although it cause no harm to my fishes, but I get so fed-up seeing them sticking on my beautiful clear transparent glass! Besides the snails, the aquarium started to crack. The crack just got bigger and bigger.

Bigger aquarium. No longer fits beside my monitor.

I have no choice but to change my aquarium. I wanted to buy the same one, which Chee Hon bought for RM18. It’s a good deal right? But instead of buying the same old aquarium, I bought a RM38 one. It looked nicer, a more ‘sophisticated’ place for my fishes. I bought more guppies and a Sakura to fill in the spaces. And in order to have them living in a clean environment, I seek for the service of a shitfish. I also bought 50cents of prawns to accompany my fishes. So there are total of 27 fishes in my aquarium.

Not done decorating the aquarium - without wood and rumput rumpai. But still alot nicer than the plain square glass aquarium.. kaka!

Unfortunately, 2 days after, my fishes started to die. In total, there’s 9 fishes that died out of unknown cause. Robin said that it might be the water. So we changed it. In the midst of changing it, we saw our shitfish chasing after some of the incompetent fishes, such as the slow moving red nose tetra, and the guppies that are always ‘selamba’. The shitfish chases them and sort of suck their body till the fishes unable to move! Fishes died few minutes after. So shitfish a killer fish?!! We were convinced that the shitfish is the killer of more than 9 victims. So we separated it and sentenced it to lifetime in jail!

Thinking that we found the killer, and the remaining fishes would be safe from this fish sucking maniac, I went back to Klang. Housemate call me few days later saying more fishes is dying. Vince came back and found out that the prawns is attacking the fishes! WAT THE F*CK?!! What is happening to my peaceful family?! Shitfish and prawns are going after all my cute fishes?! When I came back from Klang, all that's left in my aquarium is 6 innocent fishes struggling to live for another day.

Now at this point of time, I’m witnessing my shitfish munching on my dead blue guppy. Dahlah they die, sumore body kena makan by a fish that was supposed to survive by eating shit!!!


Which is the real killer?! Our primary suspects are Mr. Shitfish Sucker and Mr. Prawn Ripper and Gang.. or maybe it's the water got wicked?!! The investigation will go on, and it shall not stop till we find out who exactly kill all the fishes!!!

Devastated, no more semangat for my fishes. 6 remaining survivors are currently in custody - placed in a safe red pail. They will be back to their aquarium / crime scene when the cause of death of their 20 family members are determined.


Quin Rinn said...

ahahahaha..i dad would be really impressed if he read this post:)

Joyce Yap said...

Impressed? Why so?

I'm more interested in getting him to read my wish list! Haha!!! Help me out here will ya? Hint him about IXUS 870 IS!!! My birthday is just 12 days after his!

In return, I'll fly to Perth and babysit you guys for a week! Hahaha!!! I mean.. LOL! Swt~