Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking into KY's recent blog post, really make me so so so jealous! Look at the places he been to.. the things he eat! All the nice restaurant that serves good food! I wish I'm half as lucky as him. With friends to cari makan with, and most importantly, have enough to pay the bill! Can see that he likes beef too... yummy yummy~ Sometimes KY don't even have to pay for all the yummy food. Because he's a blogger pro in makan, sometimes restaurants and hotels would invite him for a food review. That's when he get to try the best from the outlets! Jealous-nyerr!!!

I enjoy reading his blog. He would talk about every dish he tried, and he'll explain it in a very detailed manner, and sometimes describing the restaurant too! Gishhh... I wana join, I wana join!!! I'm a food lover, but only with passion. No money to hunt for good food. Sobz..

Those interested can view KY's blog from the link of blogs I read.