Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 2 (Morning - Afternoon)

Alicia during breakfast at Eastin Hotel

Second day in the itinerary indicated – SIGHT SEEING. There are many temples and monuments in Bangkok. In fact, there’s 9 Royal Temples that worth visiting! However, with limited time and hot sun, we only manage to visit Wat Phra Kaeo (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn).

At Wat Phra Kaeo - Temple of Emerald Buddha & Grand Palace

I love this picture..

The really gold stupa.. so full of gold! Kaka~

Hot sunny day that burn our skin..

Alicia being patriotic and me giggling over a solder who are not allowed to move - how if I tickle where I'm pointing?

The Grand Palace (I suppose.. there was no tour guide with us) Haha!

Canal Tour along Chao Phraya River

Alicia & I on the long-tail boat

Me & my 'dad' Bernard
People in Thailand said he has got a beautiful daughter! Wahahaha~
Look at our boat man with this typical Twisties hairstyle!

The only sampan we saw in the floating market.
The real floating market (the big one) is 2 hours away from where we were..
Bernard bribed the boat man with that bottle of Coke, but still, he did not wait for us when we drop-off to Wat Arun. Wasted lah the 20 Baht!

Hie there! So cramp ar?! Too bad.. there's only 3 of us in this boat! Wahahahaa~

Feed the fish?! Where? Where?

OMG~ so many of them! And all of the fishes are sooooo biggggg!!! Still need to feed meh?!

Me & Bernard feeding the fishes with bread

At Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

They finish wrapping us up in less than 3 minutes! Amazing...

..we were 'over-accessorized'

In front of Wat Arun

After the sight-seeing, we venture to a place that deserve an individual posting in my blog. Ngek ngek ngek~ Look out for Day 2 - Night!


Quin Rinn said...

i went there and i wore the costume too!! AND I WORE THE ORANGE ONE TOOO!! *HIGH 5*!!

Joyce Yap said...

Kaka! Great minds think alike!!! *wink* Upload ur pic.. I put it side by side with mine for memories~

Quin Rinn said... should i send it to you??