Saturday, October 25, 2008

~ Welcome to Suan-Lim Night Bazaar! A fantastic shopping place, for me & you ~

Day 3 @ Bangkok - SHOPPING TIME!!!

Seriously, I’m not a shopping-kaki. Many people brag about shopping in Bangkok, some said it's like heaven. UH?!! REALLY?!! ... I was almost convinced, and prepared myself with extra pocket money for shopping-spree.

We set shopping as one of our program, and we allocated 1 day merely for shopping. But after visiting few of their shopping malls, I started to question myself about what people said about shopping in Bangkok. Cheap? True. But but.. it's just not my type. I wasn't keen about doing alot of shopping after that. Shopping mall such as Platinum & Pratunam Center offers wholesale price only if you buy at least 3 pieces of clothing. Every time when the salesperson say their price, I said pheng ah!”. It means expensive ah! although “pheng” in Cantonese means cheap. Haha! And sometimes the salesperson can be very stuck-up. They will not negotiate, and just ignore you if you said the price they offer is too expensive. They'll just wait for you to walk off... Snobbish eh?!

So I just bought a few T-shirts with funny messages printed on it, and few other pieces of apparel because I didn’t bring enough baju to Bangkok. Bernard said that I don’t have to bring so many clothing there since shopping at Bangkok is cheap! Keke… so end up buying few pairs of clothing just to have enough to wear while I'm in Bangkok.

Pratunam Center - wholesale market (opens daily from 10am to 4pm)

Siam Paragon - High-end shopping mall - not the right place for Alicia & I
.. Sells luxury brand apparel, jewellery, electronics, musical instruments, exotic super cars etc..

Lunch @ MK Gold Restaurant in Siam Paragon

Price - A bit too expensive
Quality - Average
* The roast duck @ MK not bad.. worth a try*

@ Eastin Spa

And yeah, after a long hot day of shopping, we pamper ourselves with spa and massage. It’s my first experience being so ‘bare’ with Alicia. Haha! We took a Jet Lag package that pamper us with sea sand body scrub, milk and flower Jacuzzi bath, and aromatherapy full body massage. I felt like a queen in that 2 hours time, wish I can afford to have spa every week here in K.L. Too much to ask? Keke~

Masseuse preparing our milk bath

... with rose petals and orchids

Somboon Seafood

Affordable & yummy. Didn't get to snap any picture of the dishes, too hungry ady. Haha!

Dessert! Sticky rice with yam & ginkgo seeds

Suan-Lim Night Bazaar

Suan-Lum is the only place where Alicia & I can negotiate and look for nice things to buy. That explains our second visit to Suan Lum on our 3rd night there. We also did a self-portrait in a glass which cost us 1,000 Baht. It's a remembrance that last forever, no regrets!

@ The Tank Pub & Restaurant. Cheap beers.. try the banana shake. It's yummy!

Patpong & Surawongse

Patpong is a place where most of the guys would go to at night.Besides the popular night market there, Patpong is where many exotic clubs are situated too. What we saw there was pretty ladies wearing bikini, pole dancing in the clubs. And they would do many different type of 'performance/tricks'. This is the type of clubs that Patpong has. There's whole stretch of clubs for you to choose! Teck Sheng also brought us to Surawongse, popular with the many gay clubs they have there. Myself & Alicia go "eewwww!!!" when we saw club's name such as Hot Male, The Bangkok Boys, Dream Boy etc. Interesting uh?

Day 4

Leg massage in the Pratunam Center

Had our last meal in a seafood restaurant which offer very nice superlicious dishes with supercheap price! This cheese baked scallop cost only 200 Baht!

So this is the end of our Bangkok trip. We didn't waste any time going to places that not worth remembering... all the places we been to, is places of interest. We had great food there too! Thanks to Bernard & Teck Sheng! We had a great time there, and looking forward for more get-away together!