Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My gawd!!!

This is my first week back at college and I'm still dreaming about my semester break.. it was fabulous!!!

Look at what I did in just merely 3 weeks..

3 days at Genting with da s*r ha*z

4 days at Bangkok with Alicia & Bernard

3 days at Butterworth & Penang

..the rest of the time spent at Klang with my parents whom I dearly missed~

This is the most comprehensive semester break I ever had.. it was superb!

It was my first time staying at Ria apartment, heard many stories that it's haunted. But am glad that our stay there was okay, wasn't 'disturbed' at all.

It's a simple 3 days trip.. We cook instant mee, walk around cari makan, 3 mahjong kaki putting their hands on mahjong tiles, 3 more on PSP, watching TV, play police and thief etc. Very simple trip.. but being with them make all the difference. The guys just lurve to crack jokes and make the gurls laugh.. It was fun.. really..

These 3 couple is accompanied by a bright spotlight...

Yea.. the dreamy spotlight...

Having more fun in the cable car. All of them blowing the whistle at the same time, almost break my ear drum. Look at Nichole laughing.. Robin was shouting something funny to opposite cable car's passenger at that time. Funny and yet obscene stuff... :P

As for Bangkok, I promised LOTS OF PHOTOS, and it's a promise to be kept. I took 500 over photos in 4 days! It's too many to be posted here, so I'll be posting another blog specifically for my trip to Bangkok. Although I wouldn't know when I'll finish writing about it.. there's just too many places and food that I want to write and tell...

Till then...