Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Presently, there are a few things that I wanted so badly.. but then again, 'money no enough'.

1) Compact camera
~I'm looking into Canon IXUS 870 IS, if there's better recommendation, please do enlighten me.

2) Watch
~Want a durable and stylish one. A watch that can see me grow thru time. A watch that I can wear anywhere, anytime. Something that last long..

3) Crystal bracelet
~I miss the one Vince gave me.. too bad it's broken

4) Puppy!!!
~This is the top in my wish list, but the reason of putting it last is because I'm lack of financial stability. If I'm allowed to have a puppy, that would be my dream come true! And nothing I want more than to let my pet be happy. But it's not the right time yet. Till I have enough financial stability to give it enough medical attention, and many toys to play, good and healthy food to eat, I will not burden any puppy to be my pet yet. I'll give it my full attention, love and care.. when I own a puppy in the future.

Anyone who's interested to surprise me by making my wish list come true, you may make good of my birthday. You have less than 1 month to prepare my birthday present, more than enough lah rite? If time is the barrier, no worries~ I can always wait for Christmas present! Haha~


Quin Rinn said...

i want a puppy toooo!!
and a camera tooooo!! the nikon coolpix one is cool.leehom is their advertiser :)

Joyce Yap said...

Really? Wat breed? I'm thinking about Golden Retriever, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pomeranian and many more! Couldn't make up my mind yet.

As for camera, Nikon is a very good brand, but as I know, only popular for its SLR. For a compact camera, it's either Canon or Panasonic (many user commented about its noise problem).

Quin Rinn said...

after reading ur reply..ahem..speechless.I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT U WERE GOING ON ABOUT.AT ALL.
if i see a really cute puppy that's white and fluffy and has pretty eyes and cute button nose,that's mine. :)
since the camera is advertised by leehom, that's my future camera..
i did not prepare for all the breed thingie??and the slr stuff?? I NEED TO DO MY HOMEWORK!! but wth,i'll prolly get to own a camera and a puppy when im 20 or something so...

Joyce Yap said...

Haha~ just some terms.. enough for you to start your research, so that you don't regret getting the wrong camera or puppy.. haha!