Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi Blogspot! :P

It has been awhile...I almost forgotten my password to sign in to my own blog!!!

I guess my writing/blogging skill is kinda rusty now.. Finding it hard to start off with my intro or suitable words to continue writing.. Gosh..

Ever since my life changed course, things seems to be very uncertain. Despite having a job now, I still feel like I've not settled down yet, as in.. still feels uncertain. Is this not the right thing for me?

I do hope I have more things to blog about in the future. Life has been pretty boring recently, work, FB, yoga, yam cha and it repeats for the entire week.. and months now.

Kind of miss college life.. Ideas came running to me while hanging out and chatting with my funny classmates. I miss all of you buddies!!!

Gotta get back to work. Till I find time and mood to blog again.. adios!