Friday, October 23, 2009

I seriously hate you..

If there is one wish granted.. I wish that you and your whole species to die and extinct forever!!!

You freaks me out..

You made me jump out of horror..

You gave me heart attack..

And you disgust me!!!

I seriously hate you!!!

Stupid lizards!!! Stop invading my house, my bathroom, my room.. and my office!!!

First incident, you dropped from the ceiling and landed on me..

Second incident, you blardey lousy lizard with your lousy grip on the wall, slipped down and landed on my pretty face!!! This is blardey gross man!!!

Third incident, you know I wouldn't take to take my shower whenever you, your family or friends is in the bathroom, but when you are in there, you refuse to get out!!! I kept 'shooshh' you away and yet you stubborn lizard stood still on the tiles!!! Mum came to help to halau you and you just ran away in between the doors!!! And you thought I wouldn't dare to squash you by closing the door?!!! ....on second thought, yes you are right.. I don't dare to. But even though when I tried to close the door a little bit to scare you away, you detach your tail!!!! And your detached tail just kept twitching by itself!!! OMG!!! You freaking disgusting creature freaks me out!!!!

And you even attacked me in my office!!! You knew that I'll be wiping my desk every morning.. and you.. you f*cking lizard hid behind my plant SURPRISED me when I remove my plant to wipe my desk!!! You jumped on my desk, gave me a scare and escape!!! You coward!!!!!!!!!!