Friday, October 30, 2009

This morning when I was driving to work, there's this one black Iswara aeroback behind me, sticking so near with my car, flashing his spotlights on me.. NOT realiasing it's a ONE LANE road and there is no point tailgating or flashing on me as I'm moving the same pace as the car infront of me!!! And we are not slow... we're just not in a F1 race speed.. Well, talk about stupid drivers..

This Iswara then rushed to another lane when we're moving towards a two lane road. This car then stick and flash on another car (Honda) on that particular lane he has just rushed into.. and this Honda driver moved on the left lane to make way for this Iswara.. and before the Iswara go speeding away, this Honda driver put his hands out and waving away as in scolding the Iswara driver.. Hmmm~ I'm not sure if I saw him pointing his middle finger.. I sure hope he did!!!

Upon reaching office, there's a road whereby all cars has got to slow down as the turning is very bumpy..driving fast would make you feel like you're on a roller coaster. Many drivers who have not used this road before, would jam brake as they cannot see the road infront of them (it's like a bump that land your car way down below). In this road, a Waja came rushing behind me.. and yeah, he tailgate so closely to my car like nobody business.. like.. practically GLUED.. can i see his face clearly from my mirror!!! I've got no choice but to go a little fast and change lane (with a lorry on that lane going slow).. When the Waja pass by my car.. He gave me a smirk.. Not that kind of showing-off-smirk, but it's a smile that made him look like he's grinning. I guess he's enjoying himself driving fast on this kind of road. Hope his car suspension go cuckoo later on!!!

When the road rage experience early in the morning seems to be enough for the day, I reached office and find my phone ringing. HARLOW.. it's not even 9.00a.m yet!!! Since that call.. my day have been miserable. I even dreamt about handling customers in my dream last night!!! Is it some sort of a sign??? ...that my Friday would sucks???!!!