Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It is a so-so day today, but still feeling the thrill of thinking that 2 days more I can sleep as long as I want! Zzzz...

Aahhh... life is GREAT!

Just had lunch with Vince, Fei and Suzanne at All Star. For our 'kecik kecik miau' salary, the menu definitely gave us a shock, especially the price column. We kind of expected it, but still, doesn't mean we won't feel shock when the figure is right infront of our eyes. Had 'Lunch Special' instead. There are a few dishes that's cheaper. So ya, we ordered that. As usual, I can't resist tomyam, Vince ordered pasta with salmon, and Fei settled on chicken breast.

My seafood tomyam wasn't nice - not spicy at all - so it's not tomyam - there's only 1 small prawn with few pieces of sotong and artificial crab meat - menu mentioned prawnS and fish (but it's not there) - so it's definitely not seafood tomyam.. it was abit better than BAD. Vince pasta was OKAY. In fact, he commented that it's NOT BAD, KIND OF NICE. But me, a picky food eater, would comment that the cream sauce is nice, too bad it has covered the taste of salmon. Fei's breast *woopss* chicken breast, is half raw! It looked like the chef wasn't that patient afterall, to wait for a piece of chicken to cook! So we requested for a new one - Fei said the dish was OKAY.

So I've tried a new place, but wasn't so pleased with it.

On another matter, recently I've been complaining about being scared and anxious when it comes to thinking about my future. Graduation is in 8mths time. So, what's next? To get my Degree at UK? Or to migrate to Australia for a better environment (at least the crime rate is WAAYYYY lesser than in Malaysia). Or just to stay at Malaysia and go through many donkey years like everyone else?

Vince too have a sudden change of 'draft future plan' when he got offered to SIA as a Flight Attendant. Fei too blog about his future because he's kind of confused about what he really like/want to do for living. And during lunch just now, Suzanne said she's stress when comes to think about her insecure future. In this stage of life, we will come into a junction, and we'll think ALOT to turn RIGHT or LEFT? So in which stage that we will STOP worrying about our future? When we lie in our coffin? No.. then our souls will still worry if we're going to end up in HELL or HEAVEN????


ki3nf3i said...

lol~ you doesn't have to mention the BREAST gua.. lol.. sound so weird :x chicken's breast o.O actually it's below okay =x the meat a bit dry ^^" like a bbq chicken in a carbonara O.O weird~

Oh yes, future future.. i think around this age is where we will be worrying about our future =| our love too ! hehe.. joyce ! make a good turning ok ;) then be rich ! then i can ask u for $$ weee yea

urban punkkin said...

ola..give me a hola.dont even bother.i hav no blog posted at all.

Joyce Yap said...

Haha~ The menu stated 'Chicken Breast' right? It's not me who make it up.. Kakaka~ Next day try chicken butt, maybe won't so dry. Haha~

Niway, I think you have a better chance of lending me money, not vice versa. Engineering definitely makes more money than advertising. :P

Joyce Yap said...

Wow~ I don't know this niece of mine is raeding my blog! Gosh.. more things to filter since I have under age reader.. Hahaha~

urban punkkin said...

hey!!im not under age lah.write wadeva u want.i promise i wont tell mama *girl scouts honour* not a girl scoutt wor.