Thursday, May 29, 2008

A brief summary of my trip to Penang with dad, mum & Vince.. accompanied by pictures for better description... *wink*

White curry laksa @ Kwan Nam Restaurant, Butterworth Seberang Perai (recommended by Ho Chiak!). After mixing the sambal, it will be the ordinary looking laksa. Doesn't taste extraordinary though. It's popular just because of the santan base soup before it mixes with the curry sambal.

Tua-ee posing as an angle - very angelic indeed~

And this is my angel.. Venessa! Spent most of my time at Penang with her. Can't get enough of her charm, smile, laughter, and of course, her curiosity on everything! She also have the same birthday as me, and the same Chinese zodiac too. She came 2 cycle after me. I want a baby that look just like her~

Jazz the Diva poodle

Miami Green Condo - Swimming pool view taken from 9th floor

Ketam bakar (baked crab) at Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
RM80 for 2 kilos, expensive but yummy yummy.

Me slurping down on coconut flesh... so fresh.. nice to go with the ketam bakar. This place is well known for ketam bakar, it was destroyed during the tsunami. Was re-built again and business is on-going as usual.

I went on "wahh wahhh wahhhhhh...." like jungle turtle when I saw the whole farm! All the dragon fruits are ripe and just waiting to be plucked~ The red colored fruits looked so outstanding hanging on the greenish plant.

This is just 0.5% of the whole farm's dragon fruits! The farm is HUGE!!! Anyone interested to get some dragon fruits, it's located at Juru, Butterworth.

I took a few bite before I take a picture of it. So sweeeetttttt~ Unlike the normal dragon fruits, it's usually tasteless and people eat it just because it's benefitial for health. This is really sweet!

The same us.. the same place.. 2years later

Infront of Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang



2006 - 1.3 mega pixel with Vince's S700

2008 - 2.0 mega pixel with Vince's W800

Hopefully 2 years later we'll be able to do the same thing, with 5MP hp camera~ Ngek ngek ngek~


urban punkkin said...

wah,2006 to 2008,rilly bcome vy vy pretty hey?or izit bcaz of the camera?

Joyce Yap said...

Definitely not becoz of the camera laaa... In 2years time will be more beautiful, but too old to be qualified to enter for Ms. Malaysia ady.. Hahahahaa~