Monday, May 12, 2008

This is my first blog in Blogspot (duh.. obviously). And unfortunately, this is just my trial blog. Wanted to see how much attention I can get from it, before deciding if I want to continue with it. I can say that I was pretty satisfied with my Xanga blog. Having no reader at all, it act like a personal diary that I could speak my mind. For Blogspot of course, there are things that need filtering uh? For example, I cannot say "I HATE VINCE" here. Hahaha~

Lets start with today. It was supposed to be a blue Monday was usual. But there are 2 major factor that changed the color to COLORFUL MONDAY~


I don't mean to be over reacted, but I'm just so HAPPPYYYYYYYyyyyy!!!

Secondly, it's because no one is here to point me around in the office! I'm so so so so free!!! Haha.. everyone else in the office has gone for company annual trip at 'Bang-cock' and leaving only me and another intern, with 3 more staffs who are new and is not eligible for the trip. And which who didn't turn up in the office at all, since Friday, and some came for like 3-4 hrs and realised that they have got nothing to do since others is not around, so they blah. So I'm pretty relaxed. In fact, I'm so relaxed that I'm bored to death!

It makes me wonder, when they were here, I complained of the work load and just can't wait for them to go for the annual trip. And when they do, I complained that I'm bored? I'm confused. But that's human eh? They are never satisfied with what they wish for. But I'm still very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that I'm alone doing nothing in the office. I can surf the web, clear all my mails, my Facebook request (which I have 350 more to ignore!), and of course, blogggg...ingggg...!

I had a good lunch with good old Vince today. We went downstairs for Manhattan. Costly, but well, once awhile is okay la, uh? The bill cost both of our 3days salary! Maklumlah.. our salary as Intern is so "kecik kecik miau".

Well, ciao for now.. I'm so cold that I have brain freeze!


Vince said...

yeahhh yeahhh!!!! hopefully this week passby peacefully and stressless huh? ^.^

Joyce Yap said...

Yea.. keeping my finger crossed. Just hope that their excessive work load won't affect me.. Haha~