Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let me see.. what's worth blogging here?

First - Fei car broke down on Thursday. Luckily we almost reached his site, and we made the car go all the way to his site (with asap coming out all da way). Since his car couldn't go any further, me and Vince walked to MidValley from his site - takes around 15 minutes. MV looked far, but when walking, its not bad actually. Considered a good morning walk, at da same time paktoh with Vince. :P

Second - I watched Iron Man for the SECOND time. I'm still excited though, but at least I don't get terkejut on certain part already. Ngek ngek ngek.. And this time Vince told me that there's a short clip after the title list. So after the movie, we waited 5 minutes for all those big names to appear - from cast to props people, driver, ta pao people, clearner etc. Then there's a clip that start to mention about the coming of Avenger. Overall, Iron Man is a good to watch movie. Second time is okay, but third time would be too much.

Third - Went for dinner at Sushi Zen. Tried Unagi and Grilled Salmon (with teriyaki sauce). I would rate the overall set a 7.5 only. The salmon is kinda thin and a littleb it over cooked. The unagi... hmm... as much as I love unagi, but the bones.. hmmm...

Fourth - First time we get to have 'family gathering' twice in a day. Had dim sum breakfast with 1ko and 3ko, and steamboat dinner with 1ko, 2ko and sis, on the same day. Won't feel bored makan with them, coz it's always be full of laughter (mostly when all of them gang up to bully and tease me), so it's them who are laughing. And when i tembak them back, me alone laughing. Proud or pathetic? Hahaha~

Hahahaha~ you made me giggle for a while there!

Fifth - I'm at Penang now! Butterworth to be exact. With uncles and aunties all around at my grandma house, it's as merry as usual! It has been eating program since I got here. Hopefully when Vince join me here tomorrow, we'll get to have some water activities at Penang.

Guess that is all. Ciao~

Duhhh.. 1kg loss but yet many commented that I looked more "prosperous"??!!!
Gosh.. Weight is always the fear factor.. it is! Time to eat less- exercise more (if I can get myself started).


urban punkkin said...

omg.my dad got tease u?no no..it cant b it.he dont tease wan la.

Joyce Yap said...

Wat he commented abt me, indirectly 'shoot' u oso.. our hairy family gen.. hahaha~