Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When all is said and done.

When assignments has been completed, passed up and presented.

When we get lectured for all the scolding we seem to deserve.

Here I am thinking what I should do next.

It’s too early to compile notes for exam! Gosh.. I'm gonna lose my patience while compiling. So lost for not attending lecture classes this sem!!!

And it’s definitely too late regretting for being so lazy!
(but wait.. I did not regret that! In fact, I’m glad! Sue Ann said that me becoming a ponteng kaki is an act of maturity.. Well Ann, I don’t think that’s the case for me, I’m just being plain lazy. Haha!)

Since there’s nothing else to do, I guess I’ll see more movies!!!

Have been seeing lots of movies recently. Mostly English comedy. And I’ve noticed that alcohol isn’t that bad until people in movies started to use alcohol as an excuse for their 'bad behavior'.

There are many typical movie scene that I get so bored of seeing, and one that I would like to critique the most is when people drink, got drunk, and God knows what the hell they do after that, and they’ll wake up on a bed completely naked, beside someone, or usually a complete stranger whom they remember dancing with yesterday night in a pub!!! This typical scene repeated itself in movies such as Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and What Happens in Vegas!!! Geezzz.. don't you just get bored?!! The influence of liquor never been that bad until they releases this type of movies.

And I’ve learnt that in Hong Kong movies, is that people are blind! Yes they are! Especially when crossing the roads!!! I don’t understand why the writers love to have their characters die/get injured when crossing the road!!! Can’t they have people throwing vase and the character so happened to be down there, and got their head hit by the vase and die?!!

In romantic movies, this is also one of the favorite scenes!!! But they added a romance element into it by editing the character being saved by someone. Don’t tell me you don’t remember those scenes whereby the heroin deeply in thought while crossing the road, and did not notice the car is heading towards her, and suddenly a hero jump out from nowhere and caught the heroin by his arms.. And they sort of spin round and round (in slow motion) while looking at each other - eye to eye. Geeezzz… I just laugh out loud whenever I see these scenes!!!

And they tried to edit a heroic scene that sacrifice themselves by saving that victim-to-be by pushing him/her away and they themselves got hit instead. Why do they have to stand there in the middle of the road and wait to be hit after pushing that person out of the way? Can't people just rush to the person that they want to save, and pull them together while avoiding the incoming vehicle??? Maybe I wasn't aware of the new rule - to save someone, another person must die (???)

Okay.. enough of criticism. More movies for me. Seen The Happening and 7 Pounds yesterday. Don’t really like it. My view - too scary and too boring respectively. Enjoyed the graphic for Speed Racer. And am dancing along with Mamma Mia soundtrack now! The movie is superb! Just great! Love musical! Hairspray is another favourite of mine!!! Horray!

Am waiting for 21 movie. The preview looked impressive, hope the whole movie didn’t disappoint me. Downloading 70% in progress. Remember that using Torrent to download is legal, but to download copyrighted movies is illegal. Hahaha!!!


,, Quin Rinn♡ said...

twilight twilight twilight!!! TWILIGHT!!

read the book.its realll good.im addicted!!

Joyce Yap said...

will try to "get it" and burn u a copy before u go back Aus... ho ho ho!!!

,, Quin Rinn♡ said...

i was searching for it at*cough*..shops.and its all*cough*not the clear version.sigh.

Joyce Yap said...

Haha.. don't get all excited. No promise though.. searched for it, but seen that there's complaint that the "shared" version isn't clear. If don't have, there's always Petaling St. Haha..