Monday, January 19, 2009

Old Tin Ha yong tau fu - CHECKED!!! (twice)

Petaling Street Sei Ngan Chai roast duck - CHECKED!!!

Petaling Street beef noodle - CHECKED!!!

Am looking forward for dinner at Wangsa Maju!!! Few more days here at Setapak.. Haihhh... Don't feel like leaving yet.. So many friends that I want to catch up with before I leave.. Although KL and Klang is not that far, but it seems like people are always too busy to meet up when they started to work.. Sobzzz...

And not forgetting... the movie IP MAN rocks!!! A must see movie for 2008/09!!!

Suddenly admire Donnie Yen so much!!!

This is not my type of movie, but I'm so so so sooooo glad that the gang recommend me to see it. This movie is just great! Not the typical stunt movie. Donnie Yen is a wushu guru himself! Actions are nothing but real fights! Cool eh??? Go to the cinema, see it, then only agree with me!!! I bet you will!!! Hahaha...

Gosh.. look at him and his deadly fist!!! Wow.. If he wasn't that old, I might have already stick his posters on all the 4 walls in my room!!! He's got style of his own.. yum yum~

--> pics like this maybe???
handsome... waahahahaa!!!