Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gonna say goodbye to Setapak in few days time. Was hoping that I could stay longer. I need more time with my dear friends.. Wana drink, sing, dance, joke.. and maybe cry with them??? And I'm sure gonna miss a few food here in Jalan Genting Kelang.

Talking about food, I'll be eating whatever I want from now onwards. Since I won't be coming back here just for the food - too far already. So will take the opportunity to take 1 last try of my favourite food before I go back Klang!

Am going to have Old Tin Ha superlicious yong tau foo every evening from tomorrow till the day I leave Setapak! The fu chok, brinjals and ladies finger.. so heavenly made.. Wanna eat everyday until I feel jelak and scared of it (so that I won't be missing it when I get my ass back to Klang).

And of course to eat Sunshine Malay aunty bee hun. Just thinking about the fried chicken and ayam rendang is making me hungry already.

And Wangsa Maju corner shop's economy rice! Lurve the so called "chinese prawn tempura".

Maybe could go all the way to Petaling Street for the roast duck and beef noodles again! The remaining robbers better wish that they don't bump into us! Haha...

Guys, when deciding where to have our meal, please do consider the above ok? I'm left with not much time here at Setapak. Keke..

OMG.. Syok syok talking about food. Final exam is tomorrow!!! Study.. study... ussshhhh!!!!