Monday, February 23, 2009

This blog is the first to be written and published in my house! Finally got a fixed line at home, took me more than 1 week as promised by the staff, they actually made me waited for 3 weeks!!! Thanks to ET for installing everything, and for saving me RM80 for installation.

The most recent 'happening' thing should be CNY - but it isn't that happening, happy nor merry this year. Kind of bored staying at home accompanied by sunny weather. And the worst thing about CNY is that I did not go back to Penang this year! Gosh.. talking about Penang during CNY! There are so many Hokkien family there at Penang & Butterworth, the offerings they made to 'thi kong' is 3 levels higher than those made in Klang! It's definitely merrier to celebrate CNY there.

Spent a few boring days at Klang, then visited Robin at J.B for 3 days. He's got really fun 'brader' to hang aorund with. Glad to know few more friends that are alike him. Believe me, he's still the Robin-est person I know!

Talking about CNY, I did not get a new hair cut, new dress, new shoe, new bag etc. Those money I saved, is enough for a new hair style - and so I did, but not only when CNY is over, and when the price is back to normal. I wanted to perm my hair since my hair is straightened for almost 2 years already.

The hair stylist Nico asked me "What type of perm do you want? Digital? Spa? Normal?".

I said "I don't know... erm... uhm...".

She continuted "Big wave or small wave?".

I answered "...anything as long as it can tahan 1 year".

Wow.. that's a real precise answer to start with.

After washing n stuff, she asked "How about your front hair? Want to keep it long or short?".

I said "Anything lah.. I believe you know what's best for me".

She smiled and asked "Would you like a fringe?"

I answered "But other hair stylist said that my forehead is too low, not nice for a fringe."

She replied "Nolah.. I can kautim for you. You'll look cute with a fringe."

Me looking confused and with doubt asking "Sure or not? As long as it don't make me look silly then ok lah."

There she goes doing her thing. I did not know what perm that she is going to do, and how she intend to do my fringe. All I know is that it took me 5 hours and i was starving during the 5 hours hair do!!! In the end, after perming my hair, she straightened my front hair! After she's done... I was like... OMG!!! I'm so "rainie"!!!!!!!! I look like those Taiwan lala mui!!!! H*ly cow!!!

Below is a photo of Rainie Yang Chen Ling - Taiwanese singer

This is how my hair looks like now. With smaller wave though. And of course I don't look cute and beautiful like Rainie.. I just happened to be her 'accidental fan' by having exactly the same hairstyle!!! That's why there are no picture of me posted here!

It was already to late to 'undo' everything. But I'm fortunate to keep my hair that is as black as ebony. If I dye my hair, I'll be Rain-ier than ever!

Luckily the majority response I got for my new hairstyle has nothing to do with being Rainie's fan. Most of the people said I looked younger & cuter! Aisheh.... some friends arrived at my house doorstep but didn't recognize me when I signal them to come in - they then explained that they thought it's my niece waving at them. Hmmm... from 26 to 16???!!! *winkie winkie*


quin rinn said...

but im sure you look better.i wanna see your hair!stupid airplane tickets.