Friday, February 27, 2009

Geezzz... I was supposed to be sleeping by now! Am catching a flight to Guilin-China at 6am later! And need to be at the airport at 4am! Which means my alarm will be ringing at 3am!!! WAT...??? That's the time when I'll be heading to bed usually! Mum has been nagging me about sleeping late for the past few days, and now my biological clock seems to be ready to sleep at only earliest 1 or 2 am everyday. And I'm all excited for the trip! How to sleep...???

Luggage are all packed - am gonna wear the same clothes for 2days each! Don't think I'll stink coz the weather are expected to be cold! Spring time with showers, highest temperature at 10'C and lowest at 4'C. Thank God I borrowed a long john.. and a VERY colorful raincoat!!!

So ciao~ adios~ sayonara~ tata!!!