Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recently I've been busy attending classes, which actually works like a training for me to foresee what's in store for me when I'm going to UK in May end. And UNFORTUNATELY, what I saw isn't what I want. The word to describe what to expect is TOUGH! Reading 20 pages articles is miserable, but it is more dreadful when we need to critically and analytically analyze the article!!!

I remembered we grumble and complain alot when Ms. Serene gave us 2 pages of article to read, and now its like 10 times more, and to read it in a day time! I felt like giving up, withdrawing might be the better way out of this, rather than waste time, effort & money to go UK and come back failing my Degree.

But out of a sudden, I saw a glimpse of hope! There are classmates who are helpful, seniors who are ready to help if I ask, lecturer who encourage us "If duno, ASK". So I guess I'll be asking alot of questions in order to pass all the 7 modules!

Siblings & Vince too try to motivate the almost giving up me by writing motivational quotes on my notebook! So thank you all of you... Will try.. not try... Will DO my best!

I'm now struggling reading and understanding the journals, with online dictionary as standby. Taking a UK Degree is really not as simple as it seems. Might lose alot of hair, and put on alot of weight (bila stress, makan coklat) !!!

This blog gonna explain why I'm gonna have fewer and fewer post in my blog. As for pictures of my trip to Guilin China, do peep in my Facebook.

And Chin Chuan who kept calling me jellyfish head ever since I have this new hairstyle, the below is the only pic which makes me look more like "Rainie", and look at my face expression! It's obvious that I don't wanna be like her... so please don't call me jellyfish ady uh!!! Gua bagi warning sama lu ha....

Oh ya, *peace* Lee Hom who's comin to Msia!!! Hopefully my part time work will save me enough money to see him!!! So little gaji, but so many things to do with it. Mana cukup? As what ET says "I NEED CASH"!!!
Tata & ciao~ Time to study & save enough energy to work!!! USHHHH... gar yao!!!

Vince : IF you think you can, you can. IF you think you can't, you're right! --> Tak faham.


ZZ said...

See you in June!!
Work hard and don't give up!!