Friday, April 3, 2009

There are 2 sides of me, now whispering to my ears. The angel, and the devil.

Sorry Joyce that I spent the money that I should be saving, in going to Genting and Bangkok. The 'excuses' I gave to myself is that I need some quality time with good friends after a stressful semester and tough exam papers. And the very last time I go travelling was during my time in Star Cruises.
You know this is bullshit right, Joyce? You don't need quality time in Genting, you can do it in college! And you don't have to go to Bangkok, why not try India instead? We have our very own Little India here to visit.

Sorry Joyce for my intention of spending money in my favourite food - yong tau foo, roast duck, beef noodles & ayam rendang.
It's not like you are bored of eating bread and instant noodles everyday.

Sorry Joyce that I actually spent money on yong tau foo, beef noodles & roast duck. And I'm truly sorry to spend RM10 for the movie ticket on Ip Man.
The movie can be downloaded from the Internet for God sake!

Sorry Joyce that I spent RM250 to perm my hair.
Your bushy and untidy hair looks kinda sexy in a way. :P

Sorry daddy & mak-ee for not insisting further that I DON'T WANT and I DON'T NEED that expensive dress for CNY.
No comment, the dress is really expensive.

Sorry daddy for not stopping you from sponsoring me the trip to Guilin. I should have said NO and for you to keep the money. And sorry Joyce for spending some money to buy souvenirs from China.
The 8D7N trip is really worthy for a RM1,100 package - so no comment.

Sorry to myself for not be able to have the determination needed to go to LJMU.

Lesson from all this :

  • I should have save as much money as possible, even if I need to just drink water to fill up my stomach.
  • I should have refrain myself from makan besar-besar. Why do I spent so much on myself!!!
  • I should stop giving myself "excuses". I thought I studied hard enough, worked hard enough, and sometimes I need to reward myself. But that's not the case! I know I want to go to LJMU! So why am I spending UNNECESSARILY??!!!
  • Sorry Joyce!!! Sorry to jeopardize your future!!!

Devastated. Don't ask me. Kthxbye.

Hey!!! I'm not finish yet! Joyce, you know what? You deserve it! Now go back to the work force and earn your own money before even think about going to UK!!!