Sunday, December 28, 2008

This year's Christmas was fun!

We did not repeat the same mistake we did last year - Going out to some *happening* place and find ourselves middle of somewhere like Sungei Wang that is packed with people, ended up doing nothing but sweating profusely and waiting like an idiot just to see fireworks, and when it's time to see fireworks, we could not open our eyes at all because everyone around us are spraying the so called 'snow' from a RM10 bottle! And when it's time to go back from the chaos, we need to squeeze in a practically sandwiched monorail/LRT and get our butt ber-geseran with other people who finds it exciting to have their butt rubbed against someone's butt!!!

This year, we decided to stayed at home, far away from those Christmas fanatic. We went over to Hon's house to play some dice, listen to Christmas songs, and the aim for that night is to get totally wasted (which some of us did). The game we played is called "tai wa sek" (in Cantonese). The game is real simple, and even easier to get people drunk!

Dice and Chivas.. just the tool to get us started! Yeah baby yeah!

You can have it plain, or to mix it with white (sprite) or black (pepsi)

Lai lai lai~ yaaaammmm.. seeeennnggggg!!!!

Without any further ado, I would like to announce the winners on the 'Who Got Wasted' title.

Consolation Prize goes to Vince & CC!!!

CC the tomato look alike after alcohol consumption..

Vince is not any better.. both are the tomato siblings that nite!

2nd runner up goes to Hon!!!

Nichole : Bang.. sudah pengsan ke?

Nichole : Mari.. I guci guci u bangun...

Hon : Aik.. geli~ geli~.. ha... haaaa... jangan lah ... tak mau la.. haha.. gelinyer~ haha~

Next... the 1st runner up is Robin!!!

*self explanatory photos for sharing*

die jiu die la...

Finally... the winner who won the title of 'Who Got Wasted' is...


Phase 1 : Lau gong.. i blur blur jor..

Phase 2 : Clinging on the love of her life while waiting for the urge to puke

Phase 3 : BLUEK!!! (do agree with me that this word is enough to describe the whole thing)

Phase 4 : Lau gong.. wa bhe tahan liao... (and please note that the 2nd runner up pengsan beside her)

Congratulations Rachel! May your alcohol tolerance level increase next year when we try to get you drunk again!!! :P

Photos when the candidates are still sober (but not for long).. Wahahahaaa!!!


Kuaci : RM 2.50
Peanuts : RM 3.50
Soft drinks : RM 10.00
Chivas : FOC (Hon's bday present)
Total : RM 16.00

Photos taken : PRICELESS!!!

*Price quoted are not accurate as it was them who is in-charge of purchasing the above items. Price used are for exaggeration purposes only.


For those who wonder what happened to me and Nichole, well, amazingly she still have strength to clean up the mess we did. And me... I'm still in mood for weblog after witnessing people stumble and fall after the game. It's now proven that alcohol tolerance for woman is higher than man. Ngek ngek ngek~