Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I spent the last Saturday at Putrajaya with a couple of very impulsive friends! Bernard was actually suggesting that since I have such a nice camera to use, why not take pictures of really nice architecture in Putrajaya. Bernard talked about his admiration for the beautiful buildings at Putrajaya, especially at night when all the buildings and bridges are beautifully lit up. According to him, a lot of foreigners was awed by such high level of architecture in Malaysia, thus it’s nonsense for a Malaysian to claim never been to Putrajaya. Since it’s a place that I’ve never been to, so yea, why not!

We drove through Cyberjaya, passing by ex-PM Mahathir’s residence area, and slowly to Putrajaya. One thing to notice when we’re in Putrajaya is the many fancy designs of street lights! Different area has different design of streetlights.

Then we stopped at Dataran Putra in Putrajaya – and I’m so surprised with the cars parked there!!! The parking lot is full!!! Couldn’t believe that Putrajaya (deemed only as a place where most of the Government’s office is located), is actually a nice weekend place for many families to hang out. But to my dismay, we are the only Chinese there. Everywhere we see, it’s Malay people. They brought along their little ones, a “tikar” and some food for a picnic beside the small water fountain.

There we saw the PM’s Office – which is HUGE!!! Couldn’t believe that they actually need such a space to work!!! But besides functioning as an office, it is also a display of some Islamic architectural elements – totally cool??!!!

PM's office at Perdana Putra

After having some lousy Malay kuih and drinks at Putrajaya Walk, Alicia and I persuaded Bernard and Chew to join us for the 45 minutes river cruise through Putrajaya man-made lake. It was the first time for me and Alicia, while Bernard has been on the cruise for numerous times. Luckily we 2 ladies managed to persuade Bernard and Chew to join us, and I believed the 2 guys did not regret spending RM30 for their own ticket! Haha! Night view of the buildings and bridges are really fabulous!!! I was speechless.. the scenery is just spectacular.. I took many breathtaking pictures there.. Have a look!

A very Islamic type of arch

Putrajaya Walk

An overall view of many beautiful buildings in Putrajaya

Evening view of Seri Wawasan Bridge.. I thought the water is pretty funny though! Haha!

Traditional gondolas - hop in for cruise along Putrajaya man-made lake for only RM20!

At Cruise Tasik Putrajaya lobby while waiting for the cruise boat (air-conditioned - RM30)

An interesting way to take pic - reflection on the glass table!

*peace* Bernard is still thrilled after his numerous visits to Putrajaya :P

The main mosque in Putrajaya - Putra Mosque

Istana Darul Ehsan - a weekend palace for Sultan of Selangor

Monorail Suspension Bridge -
 still not fully developed yet - will look like San Francisco's Golden Gate once completed

Seri Saujana Bridge - resembles Sydney Harbour Bridge

Night view of Seri Saujana Bridge fully lit up! Wonderful!

Seri Wawasan Bridge look fabulous at night!!! Very different from the one I took during evening!

Behind us is the Putrajaya Convention Centre

Perbadanan Government Complex with the biggest arch in Putrajaya

One should really appreciate Putrajaya.. this beautifully designed township.. Malaysia BOLEH!!!


Anonymous said...

Of course picture is different from what you took in the evening.. you gotta remember who is the photographer la....

Joyce Yap said...

Hohoho~ Should have post a special recognition for your skill rite? Haha!!!