Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This blog post is specially dedicated to family members and friends who made my 2008 birthday celebration a GREAT one!

THANK YOU dear friends for all the SMS wishes and birthday calls.. which I’m still getting till yesterday!
*Kai kor, although you are late, but you remembered my birthday even after 2 weeks!!! So THANK YOU!!!*
All the birthday wishes I received is really sweet and meaningful, I really appreciate it.

To family members, THANK YOU so much for the time spent for 2 nights continuously. For my birthday angpao and presents.. Phew~ I can only say WOW!!! There are no words to describe how grateful I am for this year’s birthday present. And thank you my dear sis for the chocolate cake! Very nice, very yummy, I give you 5 stars! Kakaka!!!

And THANK YOUsor haiz” who actually spend some time to celebrate my birthday at Green Box. It was a wonderful night.. and we had a great laugh at the dong dong waiter! Haha!

Thanks Jebsen for belanja me makan. And I’m thanking Robin in advanced for my birthday treat (we shall plan one day to makan). *wink*

Last but not least, THANK YOU Vince for wonderful birthday programme and presents! Am really really really happpiieeee!!!

THANK YOU my dear nieces Debbie & Heidi for this little cute pig to add into my piggies collection! You gurls really know my favorite stuffz! ...know you gurls need to save money to buy things like this. Joyce kor kor really happy to get this piggy, so THANK YOU ~


,, Quin Rinn♥ said...

naww..the pig is soo kee-yute!!♥♥