Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've poured my heart out. My agony, my pain, my pride - it's written in Xanga. It's a difficult week, knowing that what I strive hard for, which I have achieved, is ruined in that unexpected 3 months. It's just the worst 3 months of my life and I don't want to hear anything about it anymore. It just sucks. Plain bad luck!

Well, another sem started. It's good seeing all the classmates. Excited to see if any of them changed, and observed that many has got better skin complexion. Perhaps the air-conditioned environment during the Internship helps. Everything starts smooth for this sem except for the time-table. Has got morning classes EVERYDAY. And it started either at 8am or 10am. So happen those timings are the time when I'm still sleeping with my pajamas on, covered beneath my comfy blanket, and still deep in my sweet dreams of lollipop and cotton candy. So it's Vince who usually get my lazy ass up from the bed. Hmmm.. What do I do without him? Haha~

As much as I wanted him to be by my side everyday, I fear that there's possibility that I have to go thru the rest of the path by myself soon. He will walk away for something better, for his family, for himself. And I wouldn't want to stop him just because it's good for everyone else but bad for me.

For now, I might not have the courage to tell him to go with my blessing, but I know there's never an intention for me to stop him from going. I'm just too sadden that this path is a lonely one, and only made for me to walk alone.

The path for me includes completing my studies at Malaysia, then to Liverpool - UK for Degree, then to Singapore to work (probably), and when I'm fit enough, to Australia for good. I do hope this plan includes both of us. There's nobody else that I want to go through all these with.


Alex Hang said...

And I hope and pray that your dreams will turn into reality..
Your journey will be blessed and will be together with the ones you loved..

Strive on.. you can do it.. :)

Joyce Yap said...

Thank you ah-pek Hang~ Appreciate it..

And long time no see! Miss your charm and humor! Hahaha~ We should gather sometimes.. :P

Kelvin Thong said...

Good to know that u have the opportunity to advance all the way to Liverpool. I'm very happy for u on this part.

Joyce Yap said...

It's just a plan though.. hope there won't be any drastic change to it, like I failed a paper and gota resit or whatever *choi*.. Hahaha~