Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Few weeks ago my sister persuaded me to attend this year's Amway Convention. As usual, a No No for me. Except last year, or last 2 years (I forgotten), I attended Amway Convention because they invited Lee Hom as their special guest. Wooo.. I wouldn's miss that!!! I remembered the show was great! He sang for like 30 minutes only, but I really enjoyed it. That's the only highlight for me for the entire night. No offence Amway people, but since I'm not really interested, I'm pretty bored with the speeches and stuff. Although I'm a member myself, I just uses Amway product, not really interested in the business part. I really can't wait for all those motivation speech to end. Sorrieee~

Now back to my sister's persuasion for this year's Convention. She said "JJ is the special guest! Although I don't know who is he.. but he's the special guest!". Mana boleh right? How can people do not know who JJ is?!! I saw JJ's performance twice already. Once during his concert (even shake hand with him), and another time is when he appear as special guest for Lee Hom's concert. So this time.. Rm35 for a t-shirt and to see JJ sing, I nodded immediately! Went there with Vince.. waited for like 3hours.. yawning and getting bored during speeches and stuff.. and just waiting for JJ. While others shouted "Amway!! Amway!!".. I shouted "JJ!! JJ!!". He finally came out 30 minutes before the event ends. And to my disappointment, I didn't get enough of JJ because he only sang 3-songs and just BYE within 15 minutes! He sang "Dou Jiang You Tiao", "Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou" and "Horray!". Really not worthy to wait for few hrs just to see him for 15 minutes. Sigh~

No photos of JJ to update for this event. I sat very far away from the stage. DAMN FAR... Event held at Putra Stadium @Bukit Jalil, 22nd June 2008, I think more than 10k people attended the event.

The online info I get from 'upline'.

Joyce showing off da 'lightsaber' while Vince showing off da t-shirt, both merchandise from AmwayConvention

All the DDs up there on the stage.. those got pangkat in Amway business punya~
Really admire their determination!

The stage after light is off and performance is ON~


urban punkkin said...

u lucky lucky fella!!!!!!!i wanted to go to that one but it says 18+ and me dad being all lawyer and stuff said no..but guess what,loads of 9 years olds also went!!and WANG LEE HOM ALEXANDER IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!im sooo bloody pissed off u know!i still am now!!i will never forget the one and only chance to buy a cheap RM30 to watch lee hom and never got the chance!im soooooo pissed..arg arg arg.and u know how crazy i am about lee would be such a dream come true but not allowed to coz im YOUNG.WTH!

phew..its all good.