Sunday, June 22, 2008

Had a great, crazy and tiring night last week. And it's definitely a memorable one!

I went out with classmates for dinner at Talipon (steamboat & BBQ buffet), then for pool and fusball game, then back to my house for some beer and to play 'Dare or Dare' game. Dare and Dare game give you no options but to just perform the 'Dare' when you get the chosen poker card - Joker and number 4. Each action needs 2 person to perform. Fair right? Wait till you get the chosen card again and again.. and to perform those funny/ geli actions again and again.. with those of same gender, of worst, different gender while your own girlfriend/ boyfriend is watching!

We proposed many dares, and mostly are those that 'foster friendship and bonding'.. like kissing (suggestions vary from forehead to leg), give 'curry chicken' (ka li kai) to another friend, and tongue to tongue action. Kekeke~ And all these applied even though both the person are the same gender.

Based on that night's performance, I vote Robin as 'Player of the Night'. He was so 'suey' that he got all sort of challenges thrown at him and its mostly to 'bond' with the guys.. Look at these~

Robin's luck wasn't that bad after all. At least he got to kiss girls - he won't feel so gay after that. Sorry for not uploading the photos of him kissing girls - it's kinda sensitive to look at boy-girl kiss since they have their own girlfriend and boyfriend. Kekeke~

As for Vince.. hahaha~ He definitely has won the title for 'Gay of the Night!!!" No girls for him.. only guys.. what a luck!!! Look at uploaded photos.. It doesn't need much explanation on why he got the title.. *wink*

Picture quality ain't that good because it's all print screens from video taken with Vince 2MP hp.

These games are funny and FUN for those who watch, not those who perform. Haha~ Had a GREAT time and looking forward for more~

Note : This game can only be played if you have friends like mine - sporting and daring! Haha~