Sunday, June 29, 2008

Am so sick with overloaded assignments. Rushing for one assignments after another. The weeks I had just to prepare for TLC pitching is already "No time to eat, no time no sleep, no time to bath, sometimes no time to pee". If I were to lead this type of lifestyle for another year, I'll end up with kidney problem, stomach ulcer, eating disorder, and look like an underweight panda! More and more deadlines coming, but I'm just so bored with assignments!!!

Usually when I'm stressed, I would play with my hamsters. They are the ones keeping me smiling. Too bad mak-ee don't understand that, forcing me to give away all my hamsters. Saying they they caused my skin allergies. Those who never get to know my lovely, bubbly, playful, chubby hamsters.. these are their profiles:-

Name : Sor Zai..
From : Penang pasar pagi
Details :
He was the tame one. I got the most incredible feeling with him when he fall asleep in my palms! He slept so peacefully when I cover him with both my hands.
How it ends :
Died few weeks later. Fei Poh bullied him. He has got dried blood over his coat of fur near his buttocks. Guess he lost the battle. I burried him nearby where I stayed.

Name : Fei Poh
From : Penang pasar pagi
Details : Fei Poh is the one who stayed the longest with me. I love her as if she's my baby! I cuddle her like a baby.. I know she's irritated.. but I just love to hold her and let her walk on my hands.
Characteristics :
Greedy pig! Loves to stuff alot of kua chi in her mouth! At least 30 kua chi.. fuiyooo...
Master of escaping from all type of cages
Stunt master. "monkey bar" and "spider man" - She can hang herself upside down and also side ways. She escaped from the cage and dropped from my 6th floor apartment. She was found at G Floor drain - all wet but not even a scratch or broken bones.
How it ended : 2 years later, she escaped when I was at Klang - Fei Poh not seen since then.

Name : Mini Me
From : Bought by Robin and Jia as my birthday present.
Characteristic : Skinny one.. and always chased by Fei Poh (she had a crush on him). He tame but sometimes still shiver whenever I hold him.
How it ends: I didn't get to spend much time with Mini Me because he escaped from the cage few months later.

Name : Zai Zai
From : Nelson bought me Zai Zai and Xing Xing.
Details : These little fella is drawf hamster. They are so tiny, fast and furious! They never like to be hold. At first, whenever we hold them, they shit on our palm, we scare the hell out of them!
Characteristic : Zai Zai is more timid and slow. Just loves to mate, mate and mate. And always got "rejected" by Xing Xing.

Name : Xing Xing!
Characteristics : Very active, big bully and a very good swimmer! She's as active as Fei Poh, just that she's alot faster. I found out that female hamsters are more active compared to male ones. They are usually ones that got bullied by the females.

Hey! How did you get up there! Wait.. How did you get out from the cage?!!

Zai Zai and Xing Xing babies. Few weeks old.. the seven drawfs. I couldn't name all of them, because I couldn't recognise them! Few of them had Zai Zai's fur.. darker with a black long line at the back. Some of them has grey fur like their mama.
Sand bathing! Clean and cozy.. they lurve it~
Baby baby~ you're so tiny and cute!!! She just stand still on my palm for that few minutes. Haha~

How it ends : I had to give all of them away due to uncontrolled birth. Xing Xing got pregnant many times and I have around 20 hamsters in total! Such a BIG family.. but I love it. Just had to give it away because of mom's complaints.

I truly enjoyed having hamsters as my pet. Wanted to have a plant, fishes, turtle or dog to take care soon. The satisfaction to see something you care about grow day by day, it's a very nice and calming feeling. They take away all my stress...